UX and UI

Getting to Know UX and UI: What Set Them Apart?

Nowadays when talking about web designing, the terms “UX and UI design” often appear more and more everywhere web designing exists. This trend become one of the keys to successful web design that every company wants to achieve. Having the best online presence can guarantee that your target audiences or potential customers will get the best ...
cheap reseller hosting

5 Cheap Reseller Hosting Providers of 2022

Today, our website experts at Viva One Digital have gathered 5 cheap reseller hosting providers for you. If you are looking for a cheap reseller hosting service, you are in the right place. Let’s talk briefly about what reseller hosting is and take a look at our top 5 cheap reseller hosting service providers and what they ...
best shared hosting

5 Best Shared Hosting Services

Are you looking for the best shared hosting for your beloved websites? Viva One Thailand, Bangkok website design company, has sought out the best shared hosting service providers for you. Continue reading if you would like to know which company to choose and why. In this article you will find: What is shared hosting?5 Best Shared Hosting ProvidersFinal ...
Best Cloud Hosting

5 Best Cloud Hosting Service Providers

 If you are looking for the best cloud hosting service for your websites, you are at the right place. Viva One Digital, full-service website design Bangkok gathered 5 best cloud hosting service providers for you. In this article:  What is cloud hosting?5 best cloud hosting servicesFinal Thoughts What is cloud hosting? Cloud based web hosting is a cloud server is ...
pop ups

How to Use Pop Ups Effectively on Your Website

Pop ups are used widely on almost every website, but do you ever wonder why they are so popular? Viva One Studio is here to tell you everything you should know about using pop ups on websites. In this article, we will discuss what pop ups are, their benefits, types of pop ups, as well as what ...
A/B testing Split testing

What is A/B Testing : Easy to Understand Explanation and Guide

What is A/B testing? Why is it important for website design and optimization? Let’s find out together. Viva One Digital is here to provide everything you should know about A/B testing for you with simplest and understandable explanations. In this article you will find:  What is A/B testing?Why should we do A/B testing?What could be A/B tested?Process of ...
opt-in email marketing

What Is Opt-In Email Marketing and Why Should You Do It?

Let’s find out what opt-in email marketing is and how it can benefit your businesses together with Viva One Digital, a website design and development agency, based in Bangkok. We will take you through the great advantages you could get from opt-in email marketing. In this article, we will cover: Definition of opt-in email marketingWhy choose opt-in email ...
website audit

What Is a Website Audit and How Often Should You Do It?

What is a website audit procedure? Let’s explore what the website audit is, why it is needed, what should be audited, as well as how often it should be done. Viva One Studio, a full-service web design agency, knows how important it is for the website to perform well and be loved by search engines like Google ...
Hashtags for Instagram

Top 10 Most Used Hashtags for Instagram in 2021

Viva One Digital, web design Thailand will take you on a tour to see top hit hashtags for Instagram in the year 2021. Let’s see if you ever use these hashtags or not. Instagram is now the social media platform that utilizes hashtags the most. Instagram users usually use several hashtags in one post.  Today we are ...
how to use hashtags

How to Use Hashtags Effectively for Digital Marketing in 2021

Viva One Studio is here to help brands by sharing how to use hashtags to their advantages. We see hashtags used everywhere on all social media platforms by everyone including individuals, businesses, organizations, even governments, but do you know how to use it right?. Our Bangkok web design agency knows how competitive it can be for ...