Best Superbowl Ads 2021

Best Superbowl Ads 2021

The only annual event that can bring every American family together (better than thanksgiving) is Super Bowl. Despite COVID-19, the commercial game still stand strong. Now, lets see who are winning the commercial game for Super Bowl 2021.


Budweiser has always been well known in Superbowls commercials such as the infamous “wazzup” commercial in 1999. They have been on the air for 37 consecutive years until now. The company decided to sit out from commercials this year and dated their advertisement funds towards supporting COVID-19 vaccination awareness. The brand has been praised for doing something good for society, good for the economy and good for the brand. Pepsi and Coke also did the same thing.


Super Bowl commercials is the most expensive in the world with airtime costing around 187,000 USD a second, and Reddit found its way into the commercials this year to make a point in their 5 second advertisement! If you cannot afford the full one, why not just make a remarkable short ad that can attract everyone attention and that is the main concept of Reddit’s 2021 Super Bowl commercial.

State Farm Insurance

It is well known that stand-ins are not supposed to have lines. State farm, an insurance company, made that clear with a twisted humour by having a huge star such as drake playing as a stand-ins and starring the commercial with not so well known actor as a twist to the commercial.

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