Product Placements: The Old Digital Marketing

Product Placements: The Old Digital Marketing

Before social media marketing existed, companies tried to slip products into people’s eyes through product placements! It can be annoying and awkward sometimes when you are trying to enjoy a show, but when done right, you would not be able to recognize them at all! Here are some of the most famous product placements in Television.

Ray Bans – Top Gun

It is no surprising that today’s Ray-Bans classic sunglasses are associated with pilots, particularly the US air force. They are not called Aviators for nothing! In the late 1980’s, not only has the release of Top Gun helped boost recruitment of US navy pilots, but Tom Cruise has also shown the world how cool you can be if you’re rocking them Ray-Bans model 3025 and riding a Kawasaki ‘Ninja’ into the sunset. After the movie’s release, sales of Ray Ban sunglasses skyrocketed to more than a million pairs.

Wilson – Cast Away

One of the most memorable themes depicted in the movie Castaway is the strong emotional bond Chuck Noland (played by Tom Hanks) has for his personified friend ‘Wilson’ when stuck on a desert island throughout much of the movie. Wilson, who is literally a Volleyball made by Wilson sporting goods became a symbol of companionship and friendship and would have probably been made into meme if the movie were to be released after the boom of the internet!

IKEA – Fight Club

First rule of product placements is that you do not talk about product placements! For a brand to have its image be mocked as a flawed lifestyle-obsession in the anti-consumerist ‘Fight Club,’ at their own expense, must be ridiculous and outright ironic for most. Nonetheless, IKEA managed to serve itself as a significant component in the plot that has made the movie an instant classic.

Starbucks – Game of Thrones

Wait What?! Starbucks got its product placement in Game of Thrones?! A medieval fantasy television series?! For those that do not remember, an ‘out of place’ Starbucks paper cup had been unwittingly slipped into a scene, which at the time thought to belong to Emily Clarke, as the cup was literally sitting next to the mother of all dragons! It was later confirmed to be of Conleth Hill who played Varys. Being fittingly timed in an episode of the closely watched final season, Starbucks has scored massive publicity on social media.

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