3 Best Brand Collaborations

3 Best Brand Collaborations

Forrest Gump once said “Life is like a Box of Chocolates. You never know what you’re gonna get.” These brand collaborations are exactly like what Forrest Gump said! You would never expect them to collab but here we are with the 3 most unexpected, yet we dub the best brand collaborations that has ever happened.

Burger King and McDonalds

Who would have thought that one day Burger King and McDonalds, one of the biggest rivals in fast food, would team up and do the good deed together for the sake of this world. Burger king stopped selling whoppers for a whole entire day as to support McDonalds who was raising money to fight cancer. Faith in humanity restored!

Vans and Harry Potter

Expecto VANtronum! Vans who usually appeal to the cool kids and skater boys, presented us with Hogwarts themed shoes! The colours are based on the colour of the houses in Harry Potter. The Potterheads were thrilled to know that now they can step on the muggle world with a piece from the magical world.

Louis Vuitton and Supreme

One of the most famous brand collaboration in this century, Louis Vitton and Supreme. Similar to how east meets west, LV and Supreme blend in the world of luxury and streetwear into the most demanded items in 2017. With this collaboration, LV’s profit increased for almost 23%. At the same time, Supreme who targeted at skateboarding and hip-hop cultures has found itself to become luxury brand as well.

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