Websites then and now

Websites then and now

Have you ever curious on how website had evolved throughout decades?
If you had, then Congratulation! You are now a certified GEEK!
And for those who are kinda curious, this post will tell you the differences between website from then vs now.

Text VS Picture

Because of technology, all of the websites back then are 100% text and 0% design. The internet was also slow that it might take hours just to load one emoji. Now, websites are based on design. Website with text only wouldn’t survive the market in the digital age.

Strict Layout VS Freestyle

Website in the beginning era was based on no design so the layout was pretty strict. You can only place your element in a specific place with no modification on its location. However, websites in modern age are full of various graphic elements. It can be put in different ways and shape with no limitation on the design.

More is less VS less is more

Shall we skip the time a little bit forward and see how the 00s’ web design looks like. Designers in the 00s’ LOVE to put as many elements as possible whether they are animation, shapes, or pictures. The way how modern day designers design websites are totally different. Minimal is the trend of today’s website. Using less text and picture by doing this it allows the user to navigate the website easier.

Coding Manually VS Website builder

The only way to build a website back then is to write all the code by yourself. Thanks to the technology, building a website becomes a thing that everyone can do without the knowledge of coding. It allows people to express their creativity onto their design.

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