10 Best Homepage Design Inspiration for You

Homepage is the most important page on your websites, it is use to hook site visitors attention. There are many styles and layouts of homepage design. Some are very effective in drawing people attention, some are not. Let’s take a look at 10 homepage design inspiration for your websites that will make the visitors never forget your brand. If these 10 homepage design are not your preference, visit Viva One Digital to let us help design your websites or explore more templates.

There are many factors to think about when creating an awesome homepage design. Colors, Layouts, and Contents play a huge role in homepage design. Look at these inspiration to get your imagination and creativity going.

Here are the lists of homepages we are going to take a look at

  1. Evernote
  2. Discord
  3. Spotify.Design
  4. Frans Hals Museum
  5. Adidas
  6. Seastreak
  7. Dropbox
  8. Yes! Web Design Studio
  9. Garoa
  10. Campos


homepage design inspiration-Evernote
source: Evernote

Evernote use a minimalistic design on their homepage. This type of design make the brand look professional, classy, and simple at the same time.

Evernote show a tagline with a big headline in the center of the homepage along with sub-headline to tell the visitor what they offer. They use their logo color which is green on the elements they want to emphasize. You can see that they only use green on their logo, and CTAs. (download and sign up)

They also include the benefits of their services on the lower half of the homepage. This will persuade the visitors to use their services.


homepage design inspiration-Discord
source: Discord

Discord’s homepage use bright and bold color palette to attract visitors and show its fun and social nature. Their homepage is very simple, it doesn’t have many elements. Still, it take the visitors to where they need to be.

Discord put their main menus on the top line with CTAs to log in. They have big headline to interact with visitors and the copy that tell how they can meet visitors needs.

They put more CTAs for the visitor to download or to access their services after persuade them to use their service. What a genius homepage design.

Spotify Design

homepage design inspiration-Spotify-design
source: Spotify.Design

Spotify Design homepage is an award winning design. Spotify use bold and thick black text over a bright and vivid backgroud, make the text promanent and highlighted. Their design is simple but fun with their choice of colors.

They have their logo and some main menus at the top line where people can spot them easily. Their homepage is also interactive. Create ‘wow’ experiences for visitors.

Frans Hals Museum

homepage design inspiration-Frans hals Museum
source: Frans Hals Museum

Frans Hals Museum’s homepage use bright colors palettes and negative colors in different parts of the homepage to draw attention to each element.

They use fixed sidebar layout but with small icons. Their homepage have a clickable CTAs for the visitors to buy tickets easily. They also featured their current and up coming exhibitions on the homepage as well.


homepage design inspiration-Adidas
source: Adidas

Adidas’ homepage design is another one of minimallistic design. It is simple but bring lots for impact to the product.

Adidas use black and white color palette in logo, text, menus and all the clickable CTAs. They present their product with big and hight quality photo.

With every elements on homepage in black and white, the color of their products will be even more vibrant since there are no other colors to distract viewers’ attention. A true definition of less is more.


homepage design inspiration-Seastreak
source: Seastreak

Seastreak’s homepage have a full-screen photo with interesting headline that make the visitors want to use their service.

They also have great typograhpy planned. They use different fonts to emphasize and to give characteristic to the word.

Their CTA is the most user-friendly ever. Visitors can schedule their appointment right on the homepage with just a few clicks.


homepage design inspiration-
source: Dropbox

Dropbox’s homepage is simple but keep every details standout. Similar to Evernote, they use their logo color to highlight the logo and CTAs.

Dropbox featured sign up or sign in fill-out form on the right side of the homepage for easy access. And put a very convicing tagline on the top left where people usually start reading. What a stratistic homepage.

Yes! Web Design Studio

homepage design inspiration-Yes! Web design studio
source: Yes! Web Design Studio

Yes! homepage is also follow the rule of how people read, they put their bold headline on the top left and then tell the visitors what they have to offer. Just like Evergreen and Dropbox, they also use their logo color on CTAs to make them easy to find for the visitors as well.

They put all the main menus at the top line which will still be visible when you scroll down the page. Make the homepage user-friendly and navigated all the time.


homepage design inspiration-Garoa
source: Garoa

Garoa’s homepage use big image that represent their brand well to make an impact. They use neutral color to convey their pure, simple, and approachable characters. With hidden main menus, this homepage design allows the brand to showcase their beautiful and high quality photos.

They are using typography to make visitors feel their vibe and make the texts standout. With only one CTA taking the customers to ‘shop now’, this site get to the point quickly not taking the customers too much time to get to their products.


homepage design inspiration-Campos
source: Campos

Campos use a full-screen photo as a background with a earth tone but lively color palette. The homepage design is simple, down-to-earth, and in styles.

They use a great picture with their product in it, showing the lifestyle and brand personality. The bold headline simply tell the brand history and value. The put all the main menus up top where the customers can easily find. They also coordinate their logo color with CTAs clickable as well. This help build brand recognition greatly.

Wrapping Up

After taking a look at some homepage inspiration, you should now have an idea from your homepage. Keep in mind that you do not need to follow each one of the inspiration. You should think of your brand, what you want people to see first. Plus, you can always mix advantage points of many sites to make your own best homepage design.

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