10 Best Practical Tips for a Minimalist Website Design

Minimalist website design is on trend for a few years now and tend to become more and more popular. Don’t fall off the train, let’s become a master of minimalist website design. Visit Viva One Digital for more contents and services about website design.

Here are what we need to know:

Minimalist Design and Its Benefits for Website Design

Minimalist Design follows the principle of minimalism. In the minimalism, ‘less is more’ is the keywords. For lifestyle, it refers to having less stuff, more spaces. Similar to in art and web design, it means that you do less, but it make more impacts. The minimalist style show simplicity and truthfulness. The elements in minimalist design are presented with realness not pretentiousness.

When we adapt the concept of minimalist to website design, we bring the essence of minimalism which is simplicity to the design. then, how can simplicity benefits your website design? The simplicity of minimalist website design give the opportunities for the products, messages, or services to standout. It also make your brand look simple and down to earth while still stylish and classy. Plus, the simplicity will eliminate the confusion and complication on your websites. This will make the sites more user-friendly, benefits both your brand and your customers.

10 Tips for Minimal Website Design

Negative Space Is Minimalist Best Friend

Negative space is the blank space in design. Minimalist website design use negative space a lot since it will draw attention to other elements that are more important. It make the images of the product standout, showcase its value better. Negative space also make the website look lighter, not too crowded nor heavy.

Ditch All the Unnecessary Elements

The important elements of the websites are ones that cannot be put away. For example, the products or services you are offering, logos, and main menus to link the customers to other pages in your website. Other graphic images, copy texts or long description are unnecessary. Getting rid of those elements will bring back the negative space and give the spotlights back to your products and your brand.

Don’t Be Shy to Play with Extraordinary Fonts

In minimalist website design, we can see many creators use fonts to make their texts more prominent. Good fonts will also show brand character and class. The fonts you use can make your brand look much more stylish, expensive and exclusive. Fonts also create a clear level of texts. The more fun fonts are usually be the headline while the simple fonts will be description.

play with fonts - minimalist website design
source: Garoa

Select the fonts are thin are have fine lines will go well with minimalist website design, avoid using solid, bulky and chunky fonts since it might ruin the calm and simplicity of the website.

Stay Calm and Stylish with Your Color Palette

When it comes to colors in minimalist website design, mostly people will think of black and white and other neutral colors. It is true that those colors brought more minimalist feeling to your websites. However, you can use other colors like pastel or earth tone colors as well. Choose the color palettes that can go along with your brand personality and compliment your products.

You just need to keep in mind that you should not use too many colors, 3-4 colors combination is the ideal number. And you should avoid very bright and neon colors since it will look heavy and will not be the perfect fit for minimalist website design.

Only Flat Texture are Allowed

For graphic designs, texts, and icons on the minimalist websites, only use flat textures on them. Avoid using 3D effects, gradients, glitters, glossy textures, and shadow. Always remember that simplicity is the key to minimalist website design. You do not need to add many gimmick to your websites. Keep other elements low-key so your product can shine.

Brighter Color are for the Stars

We already talk about choosing and using colors for the minimalist website design, now as mentioned before that the color should be neutral and not too bright. However, if you want to use the brighter color, there is a super clever way to do so.

bright color to make object standout - Minimalist website design
source: Adidas

You can use brighter colors to draw attention to special elements on your websites. You can use brighter colors on CTAs icons or in the photos. But to make every elements coherent, the bright colors could be tone down a bit.

Calculate Every Single Word

The most important thing on your website is the content, the texts, the phases. No matter how beautiful and attractive your websites are, if your content is not interesting enough, it will not work well for your brand at all.

You do not need to say a lot, you need to say the right thing. Talk about how your products or services can solve customers problem. Make your content concise and straight foward. Get to the point quickly, do not confuse the customers.

A Picture Worth a Thousand Words

As the saying goes, ‘A picture worth a thousand words’, The right picture can benefit your websites a lot. High quality images can enhance your websites and convey messages about your brand at the same time.

The images you use should also follow the rule of minimalism. Use high quality photos that focus mainly to your products. Keep the color of the photos coordinate with website’s color palette.

No matter how much you want to get rid of unnecessary elements, you should not confuse the customers. Never remove the main menus icons or panel. Instead if you do not want the main menus to take away the negative space from your websites, hide it in the clickable icons. Make sure that it is visible and make sure the site visitors know that it is clickable.

Plus, you can always use CTAs icons to guide your customers to ‘shop now’ or ‘free trial’, just make the icons standout while still coherent with other elements.

The Gold Is Above the Fold

The fold is the line that divide web page into two part. You want every important information and elements to be above the fold since it will be seen first. For the things under the fold to be seen, the site visitors need to scroll down.

Keep logo, tagline, menus bar and important featured above the fold to attract visitors and to make the website user-friendly. This tips apply to other styles of website design as well, especially on the homepage.


To design a minimalist websites, stick to simplicity but do not bore the site visitors. Use these tips to make your minimalist website design an extra spotlight. Have fun with the fonts and color palettes while keep the elements simple and clam.

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