4 Ways to Get Backlinks Easily

Backlinks are important for better ranking on search engines. This article provides 4 ways to get backlinks easily. 

We know how important it is for businesses to have their website rank well on search engines, which is why our Bangkok website design studio, Viva One Digital, provides four ways to get backlinks easily for you. We carefully picked the methods that are both free and easy to perform. 

In this article, we will discuss what backlinks are and why it is important, then we will look at 4 ways to get backlinks easily.

What is backlinks and why we need backlinks

Backlinks are simply links to your website on others’ websites. it can be texts, buttons, or images. Backlinks are an important factor that search engines including Google use to determine your website’s search engine optimization performance. It will affect how well or high your website ranks on search engine search result pages.  It also increases your brand recognition as well, since your business will be seen by the audience of other websites. Plus, backlinks also foster your domain authority too. When being linked from high authority and trustworthy websites, your domain authority will increase as well.

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4 ways to get backlinks easily

Now since we all want to rank well on search result pages, we need backlinks to improve the website’s SEO ranking. How can we do that effectively without any budget? Here are the answers, let’s explore four ways to get backlinks easily.

Convert unlinked mentions to backlinks

The first trick that you could do to get backlinks easily is to find the unlinked mentions of your websites or company, and turn them into linked mentions. This is the method that is more likely to work out fine. It is because when you are mentioned, it means that the website that mentioned you already knows about your brand and what you do. leading to them being more likely to agree to link to your website. 

What you need to do is to look for websites and pages that mention about your business in a positive way and contact them. You will be asking if they are willing to link to your website when they mention you. To do this, you need to remember that you are asking them a favor. Thus, you need to be polite and courteous when contacting them. You may want to mention good things about their brand such as how you enjoy reading the articles on their website or using their products or services. Remember that you want to please the editors so that they are happy to add a link to your website on their website.

You will need to pay attention when choosing and finding websites as well. Of course, you will be happy to see your website being mentioned and will want to contact them immediately, but you need to evaluate them first. You need to make sure that the websites are not spam websites. It should be reliable and trustworthy websites. And it will be even better if that website has high domain authority. Backlinks from high authority websites will improve your domain authority as well as giving you quality backlinks.

Broken links to backlinks

The next thing you could do to get backlinks easily is to find broken links on other websites and convince the website moderator to replace the broken links with your website instead. The broken links are the links that no longer work or exist. It could be that the website of tht link is deleted, or it can be caused by an incorrect URL as well.

This way of getting backlinks is free, and not hard to accomplish since you are doing them a favor. By letting them know that there are broken links on their websites, they are likely to be happy to use your link as a replacement. However, finding a broken link can be difficult. 

To find a broken link, you could go to websites in your niche which are those websites that are in the same or similar business field as your website. Then, use tools such as SEMrush, Ahrefs to find the broken links on each website. Once you find the broken links, contact the website ak to inform them of the broken links, and simply recommend your website as a replacement. Remember to be polite and friendly, you want to impress them with your charms and manners in order to encourage them to pick your website as a replacement.

This method will work well if you already post blogs or articles, since you will have many pages to offer as the replacement for the broken links. You will need to make sure that your websites and content is high quality or else, they will just use other websites.

Become a guest writer

The next method to get backlinks easily will require more effort, but it will be very effective. It is to be a guest writer or guest blogger on other websites. Doing this will not only give you the backlink, but it will also increase your brand awareness and recognition as well. When you post on other websites, you have a chance to expand your audience.

To become a guest writer, you will find the websites that have the same niche as you. Contact them to see if they are interested in having a guest writing article for their website. You try finding the websites that advertise looking for guest posts or “write for us” as well. If they are interested, then you will be writing a blog or post on their site, linking back to your own websites. 

When contacting the websites, you will introduce yourself, talk about how you like the articles on their website, and offer to write for them. You should come up with the example ideas of the post that you would write for them, and also link them to some of your previous work to show off your skills a bit. Most importantly, do not forget to be brief and polite. Be brief and straight to the point to save their time, and as same as other ways to get backlinks, you are asking for their help, so you should avoid irritating them. 

Normally, a chance of getting to write a guest post is low, you will more likely to get ignored or rejected. So, you do not need to feel bad, just keep trying. If you want to know more about how to become a guest writer, check out our article on how to submit a guest post.

Join Q&A websites

The last way to get backlinks easily is super easy and you can get it done quickly as well. It is to answer questions on the Q&A websites like Quora, Yahoo Answers, or Question.com. 

To get backlinks easily by answering questions on Q&A websites, you will need to find questions about your niche which is quite easy. You just need to type keywords about your services or products in the search query of the websites and pick the questions that you can answer. To answer the questions, you will simply type in your answer with a link to your website and encourage the readers to learn more about the topics on your website. 

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However, the backlinks from these websites will not be as strong as the one you will get from being a guest writer or being mentioned on the websites. But it will still be legitimate and affect your website performance positively. On the bright side, even if you did not get high quality backlinks from posting on Q&A websites, you still get a space to broaden your brand recognition and awareness.

Final thoughts

Backlinks is one of the important factors that search engines use to determine the ranking of your websites. These four ways to get backlinks easily are just the ones that we think are easy and effective. There are many more ways to help you get more backlinks both paid and free ways. Do not forget that the quality of backlinks is as important as the quantity.

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