5 responsive design website examples for your inspiration

In this digital world where everything now runs on devices, responsive design plays a big part making your website work on screens of all sizes. This is done by resizing, rearranging, and adjusting layouts of your website to fit and work well on any size and any device whether on mobile devices like smartphones and tablets or non mobile devices like desktop computers. Every website these days should implement a responsive design in order to accommodate the users anywhere, anytime. It helps you reach and touch more people and be able to give everyone a great experience on your website. 

Not only that responsive design will make everyone feel great exploring your website, it also creates an impression of professionalism, trustworthiness, and expertise for your brand as well. If you want great things for your customers and for your brand, a responsive website is the way to do so. 

In this article, Viva One Digital, Bangkok website design agency, has selected 5 responsive design website examples for you, so you can learn from them and adapt them to use for your website design.

Responsive Design Website Examples

Sell Anything by Squarespace

responsive design website examples

Sell Anything is a landing page for Squarespace, showing its features that allow you to sell anything: products, time, content, and story with Squarespace. 

The website is designed using a long scrolling method showing each feature and selling point at a time, making the website easy to read and understand. Both desktop and mobile version of the website follow the same pattern with different layout and placement. They are both easy to navigate with a stick navigation bar for the desktop website and sticky hamburger menu icon for the mobile website.

Sell Anything uses images, colors, and fonts to play with visitors’ emotion and intrigue them to take desired action, which is building an e-commerce website with a Call-to-Action button “Get Started”. The website is designed using solid color backgrounds, putting all the attention to the copies.

Punkt Restaurant

responsive design website examples

Punkt Restaurant is a Polish restaurant that uses their website for both reservations and promoting the restaurant concept and more. 

Punkt Restaurant’s website is not only responsive but also user friendly in many other ways than having a website that works well on every screen size. Punkt’s website is easy to navigate and does not have a lot of pages. Making the website simple and not confusing for the users. They use the hamburger menu icon to save space on the mobile website. 

Unlike Sell Anything’s website, Punkt does not use a sticky navigation bar nor icon, instead they use scroll down and back to top buttons. They also add a navigation bar at the bottom of the web page to make sure the users do not feel lost and can jump to the part they want easily. 

The coolest and the most unique feature of Punkt’s website is that they allow users to change the color theme of their website. As you can see in the attached video.

responsive design website examples


responsive design website examples

Globe is a supplier for pumping equipment and control cabinets that have been around since 2007, their website indicates fun, liveliness, and energy while maintaining the trustworthiness of the brand and products.

Globe uses vivid and bright colors as background representing their fun nature and it works really well grabbing the attention of the site visitors. The homepage of the website uses a scrolling method to introduce types of products they provide as well as showing credibility by showing their partners and reviews from their clients.

Globe’s website uses the same pattern of content arrangement on both mobile and desktop websites. They make their content short, concise and categorized well enough to be in only a few pages, making the website not complicated and easy to navigate. 

They use typography that is easy to read, both font style, size and color. They also use a sticky navigation bar on both versions of the website, making it easy and convenient for the site visitors to travel from page to page within the website. 

responsive design website examples

Kylie Swim Official Website

responsive design website examples

The Kylie Swim Official Website uses a colorful design with lots of contrast to represent the fun and fashionable styles of swimwear they are selling. Which work in favor to grab attention and catch the eye of the site visitors as well.

The Kylie Swim website uses the same color palette as the desktop one, and follows the same pattern that uses big images to attract attention with a call to action button to show now. Then showing their products with add to cart buttons to encourage and lure customers to shop with them.

The mobile website uses a sticky hamburger menu icon to accommodate and keep the site visitors navigated as well as a sticky icon to the shopping cart for easy checkout. While on the desktop website, you will find the shopping cart icon, login icon, and search icon stick to the right side of the screen. The Home, FAQ, and Shop menu are at the top of the website, unfortunately, these three icons are not sticky.

Other menus and pages that are not shown or stick to the screen on the mobile website can be found in the menu icon.


responsive design website examples

Hyer provides private jet services with personalized and customizable service. Their website represents professionalism, solidity, as well as safety with their color and typography choices. 

Hyer’s website reflects the responsive design in both layout of images and elements as well as the organization of the content presented on the website. Hyer’s desktop website that has more spaces uses lots of pictures and negative space to make the copy stand out and presented with gimmick and style. 

On the other hand, a mobile website that has less space, the images and negative space are put aside in order to make way for the content and copy. They use less pictures for decoration and only use the ones that necessary.

Even Though they do not have sticky menu bar or menu icons, they make sure to put call to action buttons for booking flights throughout the website and have all the menu and pages listed on the footer. This is a way to make it easy for the site visitors to go to where they want after learning about Hyer and their services.

Even Though they do not have sticky menu bar or menu icons, they make sure to put call to action buttons for booking flights throughout the website and have all the menu and pages listed on the footer. This is a way to make it easy for the site visitors to go to where they want after learning about Hyer and their services.

Your Turn 

These are five responsive design website examples we carefully chose for you. You can see that each website does not look the same and does not follow the same structure. Each website is unique in their own way and so should your website. Take away gof features and good practice of these websites and think about how they fit to your website objectives and brand personality, then you will be able to have the best responsive design website of your own.

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