6 Must Have WordPress Plugins of 2021

We picked out the 6 must have WordPress plugins of 2021 for you. Let’s find out what they are. 

WordPress has become a go-to website builder for everyone who wants to create a website. WordPress is easy to use, anyone can build a WordPress website in no time. WordPress makes building websites easy by providing WordPress themes and plugins which help the user manage the appearance and performance of the websites easily.

WordPress Plugins are softwares that will help add features and functions to improve WordPress websites’ performance. There are lots of WordPress plugins available to choose from both paid and free plugins. WordPress Plugins can help you with running online stores, optimizing and analyzing the websites, aiding customer services such as live chat and e-mail, and many other ways.

Today, our web design company has selected the greatest plugins for you, so you don’t have to go through thousands of choices to find the right ones. We will take a look at 6 WordPress plugins that you must have in 2021.

6 must have wordpress plugins in 2021


must have wordpress plugins NitroPack
source: NitroPack

The first one of our must have WordPress plugins is NitroPack. NitroPack is a speed optimization plugin that will boost pagespeed and cut the load time of every page on your website including homepage and other pages as well. NitroPack is designed to be easy to use, you will not need coding and any advanced technology skills to use NitroPack. And if you ever need help working with NitroPack, you can contact their expert support team anytime.

Making your website load and work faster with NitroPack will benefit your website and brand greatly. It will increase the conversion rates since the website works fast, the users tend to take actions on your website. Also, everyone prefers to be able to access, read, or shop on websites fast. No one would want to wait for minutes to get into the websites. This is the reason why the fast loading websites make a good impression of your brand and website, the site customers will be satisfied and have great experience thanks to the fast websites. 

You can try NitroPack for one month without any expense. And if you enjoy using it, the NitroPack plans start at $17.50/month when paid yearly and $21/month for monthly bills. Also, NitroPack has a 14-day money back guarantee. If you are not pleased with the results, you can get 100% of your money back.

Rank Math

must have wordpress plugins Rank Math
source: Rank Math

The next one on the must have WordPress plugins list is Rank Math. It is a SEO WordPress plugin. It helps optimize your website for the search engines. Rank Math helps optimize the content on every page to be loved by the search engines. Rank Math will provide useful suggestions based on best examples for the best SEO scores. It will help your website easily rank better and higher than ever. 

Rank Math is designed for everyone. Anyone can work with Rank Math easily since they provide step-by-step installation instructions and also help set up the website’s SEO setting and profile with guides as well. Rank Math also designed a very clean and simple interface for the users. The information and suggestions are presented in a way that is easy to read and understand. They also provide snippet previews that show you what your websites will look like on search results.

Rank Math helps your website rank well on search engine result pages. Which will lead to more people seeing and visiting your website. It will bring more conversion, more sales, and more authority for your brand and website as well.

Rank Math offers two plans, one for individual users and another for business or agency owners. The Rank Math individual plan starts at $129/year. But you can get it at $59/year as a promotion price. If you are not satisfied with the results of Rank Math, you can get your money back within the first 30 days.


must have wordpress plugins Heatmap
source: Heatmap.com

Heatmap.com shows real-time analytics of how the site visitors interact with your web pages. It shows where people click and not click on your websites as a heatmap so you can improve or make changes immediately for better performance.

It is easy to install and is very small JavaScript code that will not slow down your website. It only collects the needed data and always keeps your site visitors anonymous to protect their privacy. Heatmap also provides a support team to help you with technical issues as well. 

You can start using Heatmap for free as long as you want. The free plan will analyze up to 5 pages, that will track up to one million pageviews per month. If this plan is not working for you, you can upgrade to Zen or Premium plan anytime.

Zen plan will track up to 10 million pageview per month. You will get the analytics of 5 pages for free and you can pay $5 for each page added. Lastly, the premium page will track up to 100 million pageview per month and analyze unlimited pages. Plus, If you are a student, teacher, or charity organization, you can contact Heatmap for a free Premium plan as their donation.


must have wordpress plugins WooCommerce
source: WooCommerce

This one of the must have WordPress plugins for e-commerce websites. WooCommerce is an e-commerce plugin. It is made for any business that is operating their online store on WordPress website. Woocommerce is a customizable and open-source platform for e-commerce. You can sell any type of products on WooCommerce whether it is digital goods or physical goods. 

WooCommerce is easy to install and set up. It helps you set up and run your online store easily. WooCommercer provides secure payments and also supports many payment options like Credit/Debit cards, PayPal, Apple Pay, and Google Pay. Subscriptions and deposits are supported as well. The WooCommerce interface is easy to use, you can manage orders easily. Plus, you can download the WooCommerce mobile application that will help you manage your orders anywhere and anytime. 

Moreover, you can install extensions on WooCommerce for more functions and features for your website, as well as using provided themes to design or change the look of your website as well. And if you ever come across any problem, you can request for support and report issues anytime to get help from WooCommerce’s support team as well. 

Contact Form 7

must have wordpress plugins contact form 7
source: Contact Form 7 from WordPress

Contact Form 7 helps manage your contact forms for free. It allows you to create a form for the site visitors to fill out. You can customize the form to suit your needs. Contact Form 7 Can also help you manage and send emails as well. You can create email formats and send in bulk. Also, you can reCAPTCHA on your website using Contact Form 7 easily since it is the included features of this plugin.

Contact Form 7 provides you with tutorials and many help on their website and WordPress website as well. If you have any trouble or questions, you can also look them up on the websites. This plugin works well and is well received by many. However, you have to have basic knowledge of WordPress administration and technological skills to use this plugin. Also, since it is a free plugin, there is no real-time support team that will help you solve issues or errors.


must have wordpress plugins HubSpot
source: HubSpot

The last one of the must have WordPress plugins is HubSpot. HubSpot claims itself to be the most powerful and easy to use plugin for CRM, contact management, email marketing, live chat, forms, and analytics. 

HubSpot is a plugin that will help you create the greatest experience for your customers and site visitors easily with one tool. HubSpot allows you to add live chat and chat box features to your websites, and create forms and popups. You can also create responsive newsletters to your contact lists easily if you do email marketing. HubSpot can be integrated with other tools like WooCommerce for even better features and performance as well. 

You can get started with HubSpot for free with limited tools and features. The paid plans start at $45/month. HubSpot offers many plans and bundles, you can choose the plan that suits your brand’s need the most for efficiency. 

Final Thoughts

These are all the must have WordPress plugins of 2021. These must have WordPress plugins help your website improve it performance in different aspects, we suggest you use a combinations of these plugins for better results. You do not need to use all of these plugins, you should pick the ones that is needed for your website.

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