6 Portfolio Website Examples to Use as Inspiration

In our latest article, we talked about portfolio websites. Today, we, Bangkok website design agency, prepared 5 portfolio website examples for you.

We are going to look at each website together and discuss what is good or what to take away from five portfolio website examples we carefully selected. These portfolio website examples come with great design and great technique for presenting their works.

6 Portfolio Website Examples

These are all six portfolio website examples we handpicked for your inspiration.


portfolio website examples

Bravo is a creative and production studio that works on so many amazing projects for world renowned brands and companies. Their portfolio website is simple. Really easy to navigate with the a long scrolling page method. They present their work with short videos of each project showing their skills at their best. 

If you want to find out more about each project, you can just click on the video or browse all projects easily at “archive”. If you want to know their studio better about what they do, who they are, and what they value, you can click on “information” on the top right side of the page.

Bravo uses a simple layout to make their works the only exciting thing on the page. It is an easy but effective way to do portfolio websites. Plus, they do not confuse the visitors with lots of menus, instead they only use two, Archive for more works and Information for their company’s story.

Dima Kutsenko

portfolio website examples

Dima Kutsenko is a photographer from Ukraine. The website’s landing page works well introducing Dima Kutsenko with short and concise copies. 

Once you click on the page to continue to the main page, you get to see a slideshow showing his works that grab the attention of any visitor at the first sight. After a quick slideshow, you get to see his selected work with really cool animated and interactive layout and features. They also went beyond with the design by providing two modes, light and dark as well. 

Their website is so much fun to explore, this makes the visitors stay on their site longer and have more time to appreciate their works. Clicking on “MENU” will make the hidden menu appear where you can find the About, Contact, and Project menu. This may not be the best navigation but considering how well the hidden menu gives the spotlight to the works itselves, we can say that this type of navigation is the best for this design.

Amalia Boier

portfolio website examples

Amalia Boier is an interior atelier that totally captures their interior design style well on their portfolio website. Their website is designed to make the images of their works and products shine the brightest. They use big images with concise texts that are compelling enough to make every stop and read.

They use a hidden menu icon that is easy to spot, in the menu bar, you will find only a few pages which comply with the well navigated website. The website is clean and crisp, they use fewer elements to put all eyes on their works and they make use of irresistible Call-To-Actions encouraging visitors to contact them as well.


portfolio website examples

JD&co.is a graphic design company that works with big brands around the world including Chipotle, HelloFresh, and more. Their website uses hidden menu bars that will take you to more information about their company, their works, their team, and how to contact them. 

JD&co.’s website uses videos and slideshows to present their work in an intriguing way that keeps the visitors interested. Also, apart from all details needed for their contact information,  they include a contact form for the visitors to fill out easily without having to email or call them. This makes the visitors feel more comfortable to contact them.


portfolio website examples

MOZOM is an Isreal website design and development agency. MOZOM’s portfolio website stands out from the other websites since they use a horizontal scroll instead of the vertical scroll. When you are on their website, it is like you are reading a book, a well written one. MOZOM did a great job optimizing their content and copy to be concise while still powerful and able to represent their personality well. All the great messages work well with a minimalistic and well designed website to make the visitors fall in love with the brand.

They include pictures and some quotes from their founder, building strong trust and credibility for the business. Another thing they do to build an trustworthy image is that they mention the awards and compliment that they have received. 

At the end of the website, they include the contact form that the visitor can easily and quickly fill in their information so the MOZOM’s team can contact them back. This makes the visitors feel more encouraged to get in touch with the MOZOM’s team.

Alex Frison de Isla

portfolio website examples

Alex Frison de Isla is a website developer. On the landing page of Alex Frison de Isla’s website, you will see a preview of his website development projects with compelling messages. You can click on “open case study” for more detailed information about each project. 

His website is well designed with a minimalist approach using a solid beige background color with black texts. He also uses a lot of motions on the website as you can see from the transition between pages and effects on each page. The website navigation is easy to follow with only two menu at the top of the page which are About and Contact.

Alex represents his personality through designs and copies on the website. You can learn a lot about him by only reading how he introduces himself with his real picture on the About page. While he incorporates a lot of effects on the website, his contact page is rather simple. He provided an email address with Twitter and LinkedIn.

Final Thoughts

These are all five portfolio website examples that we have chosen because of its design, features, and how well they serve as a portfolio website. We hope you learn some tips and tricks to make a great portfolio website of your own. Remember that these portfolio website examples are what work best for their brand and work. You should find the right design, features, and strategies that will fit your purposes the best. 

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