6 Tips to Build Brand Awareness

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If you are looking for the way to build brand awareness, here are the basics of brand awareness and 6 tips to build brand awareness effectivly.

Here are what we are going to discuss:

What is brand awareness

Basically, brand awareness is when people, especially your target audience, feel familiar with your brand. Brand awareness includes people recognizing your logo, the name of your company, your products or services, and even your brand personality as well. 

The concept of brand awareness is very broad. To put it in easy explanation, brand awareness can be defined as how well-known your brand is. The greater brand awareness you have means more people know and familiar with your brand.

There is another word that is close to brand awareness which is brand recognition. They are both similar in the sense that brand recognition concerns how people know your brand name and recognize your logo or color just like brand awareness. However, brand awareness is not just people’s ability to recognize the brand, it involves knowing more about the brand works and overall feelings and personality that the brand presents.

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Why is brand awareness important

To build brand awareness comes with many benefits. Like discussed before, build brand awareness makes people know information about your brand. It helps the audience become comfortable with the brand and what you offer, both products and services. 

Build brand awareness helps build trust between your brand and the customers and potential customers. When your brand has great brand awareness, it means more people believe in your brand. When your brand is well-known enough for people apart from your current audience to know about your brand. It can build great amounts of trust towards your brand from other people as well.

Brand awareness can also build brand’s value as well. Brand’s value is formed by customers and people’s experience and perception of your brand. How it works is when you present your brand well with consistency, it build brand awareness and good reputation for your brand. Over time, the perception of your brand will be better and better. After that, your brand and products will be chosen first, and become prefered by customers. Which indicates a great brand’s value itself.

6 tips to Build brand awareness

These are tips to build brand awareness online. Follow these tips to boost your brand awareness.

1. Set a personality for your brand

Personality is the most memorable thing. It is the one element that will totally set your brand apart from others, including your competitors. 

You want to give the brand a personality, it could be anything from fun, sarcastic, bubbly, or professional. However, you should avoid using negative personalities that might make your brand look immature or unprofessional. You want to present brand characters and value but still keep your professionalism. 

After you come up with a brand personality, you will then corporate this personality into details of your marketing. Every post, every picture, every video and every ad that you put together should have an element of your brand personality. 

Represent brand personality through language when you post on social media or even when you reply to your customers. Use playful or formal tone to show the brand personality. Not only the language, colors is another factor that can represent personality as well. Colors have an influence on people’s feelings and thinking, which is why you should consider using the colors that reflect your personality on your visual media too. 

Doing this will make people remember your brand, not only by the name, but how you communicate and interact with them. People tend to remember the stories, the interactions, and feelings better than the brands or names. How you interact with the customers will represent your brand value and quality, which is why you need a good personality to go with good products and services.

2. Play it big on social media

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Now, the best place to market your brand and build brand awareness is on social media sites since it is where tons of people gather anytime and anywhere. 

If you play the social media game right, your brand awareness will be high for sure. With the power of sharing in social media, it will take your brand to more people around the world, reaching more potential customers.

To be present on social media is crucial for every brand these days. And to be sure, to be present is not just having an account for every social media site, but you need to be active and consistent as well. 

When marketing your brand via social media sites, you will need to create and post content regularly to make sure that you are not losing touch with your audience and customers. Posting will keep the audience interested and notified about your new products, promotions, and special deals. 

Apart from posting, another important role of social media is to be the place where people can communicate with each other easily. When you are building your brand awareness through social media, you need to reply and talk to the audience as well. And to make social media work even more effectively to build brand awareness, you could be the one who reaches out to the customers and potential customers first as well. It will surely make them remember your brand since it shows that your brand is caring and actively working for the customers.

3. Use influencers

To build brand awareness is to make your brand be known by lots of people. The best way to make more people know about your brand is to make the brand reach more places on the internet. One tool that can make your brand appear in many places is to work with influencers.

Influencers are accounts that have lots of followers on social media like Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. With a large number of followers, influencers’ posts will reach lots of people. Working with influencers gives you the similar result as hiring famous actors and actresses with way less cost. Which is why you should consider working with influencers to make your brand and products reach millions of the influencers’ followers.

To build brand awareness using influencers, there are many ways to place your products or services in the influencers’ content. It can be having them talk about straight up, product reviews, or just post the picture of them using or posting with the products. Be creative to make your collaboration with influencers standout to the fans and followers.

4. Offer free-trial

Another genius tip to build brand awareness is to offer a free trial. Everyone loves free stuff, especially the high quality one.

Offering a free trial or sample is the way to capture people’s interest. It gives customers a chance to experience the quality of your products and services, as well as your customer service. It makes people know that your products and services are truly high quality.

Offering a free trial shows that you are confident in your work and willing to take risks in order to make people know and trust your brand. It is one of the best ways to build trust and awareness from the customers and potential customers for your brand.

Free trials or samples might sound like an expensive way to market and build awareness and trust for your brand. However, the result will be worthwhile. Let’s say you offer free donut samples, if it is delicious, those who got the donuts will always keep in mind that the sample they got from your place is good. Then if they are craving for some donut, your place will be 100% their choice, because they are already aware of your brand and your products.

For online free trial, mostly it will work with services. Most services online are there to facilitate people in some way. These services are designed to make customers tasks done faster and better, they are designed to make people’ life easier. So once they get to try your convenient service for free for one month and know how much time and effort they can save, they will be more than willing to pay for the next months.

5. Provide free and creative content

This tip is to create and publish free and interesting content for your customers and potential buyers. Free content will build brand awareness by reaching more people online and show your expertise which also builds trust for your business as well.

These free content could be blogs or YouTube and TikTok videos, etc. It can reach more people who are interested in your field that might, one day, become your customers since they now know about your brand and know how much knowledge and skills you have to offer. It also is a great way to stay connected with the customers and audience on social media as well. 

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6. Sponsor other brands or creators

The last tip is to be a sponsor for events or creators online. It builds brand awareness by exposing your brand to more people while showing your brand personality which is generosity at the same time.

Sponsor events or creators might scare smaller businesses a bit since it sounds like it would take lots of money to do so. However, to be a sponsor, you don’t need to offer lots of money. You can just offer what you like, for example, you can give them some sample products, some funds, gift vouchers, or discount codes. You do not need to tear off your arms and legs for sponsorship.  

In return, the events or creators will talk about your brand and your products at the events or in their posts like Facebook posts or video. These messages will be the tools to build brand awareness for your business for people in the circle of the sponsored events or creators. 

In some ways, it is similar to working with the influencers. The difference is that you are paying the influencers to post contents about your products. While sponsoring others is like helping them out with their tasks and getting people recognition and interest in return.

Wrap Up

Brand awareness is having people know that your brand exists, know your products, and also your brand value. It creates trustworthy relationships between your brand and customers and potential customers. There are many tips that will help you build brand awareness easily and effectively. Start considering to build brand awareness now, so you can grow your brand bigger and faster.

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