Our 6 Top Trending Searches on Google for 2021

Do you ever wonder what people are searching on Google? Today Viva One Digital has collected 6 interesting top trending searches of 2021 for you. The result will surprise you for sure!

These are what we are going to be discuss about:

Why do we need to know about top trending searches?

Knowing the searching trends on Google can benefit you and your brand marketing strategy. You could try creating content related to the coming trends to attract more people to your websites or social media. It also makes your audience see you as an up-to-date, modern, and active brand as well.

All-time popular searches

Google is the most popular search engine that people are using widely all over the world. Billions of people use google to search for things that they are interested in or want answers for everyday. Can you guess what could be on the list? 

Before we go to this year’s top trending searches. Let’s talk about all time popular searches which are mostly social media sites and famous websites. Amazingly enough, the most popular search topic in Google is “Google”. People might be wanting to know more about Google as a company, not just as a search engine. Other popular topics that people are searching for are YouTube and Facebook, followed by things that are helpful in daily life such as news and weather. Online shopping sites like Amazon are one of the all time popular search lists as well.

6 top trending searches of 2021

Now let’s see what are the trending searches from Google’s users this year, 2021.

Euro Cup 2020

Top trending searches - euro 2020
Image from Reuters

First up, we have the topic that has been searched by football fans everywhere. The first one on the trending searches list is about the football tournament, UEFA EURO 2020. People are using keywords like euro cup and euro 2020 to search for news and updates about this football tournament.

Football is one of the most popular sports in the world, no wonder that this big tournament will make it to the top search of 2021. Due to the pandemic, football matches were postponed. Football lovers were waiting for this competition patiently and when the tournament started, they couldn’t wait to watch and get updates about the games. And of course, they know they will get the channel to watch the game and source to read about the games if they search “euro 2020” in Google.

Covid-19 Vaccines

top trending searches - Covid-19 Vaccine
Image by torstensimon from Pixabay.

There is no doubt that this topic is at the top of the trending searches. The Covid-19 pandemic is still a huge and serious issue in many countries around the world. Some countries are able to vaccinate their people successfully, some are still struggling. Anyhow, Covid-19 vaccines are still the hot topic that people are searching for and talking about. 

Covid-19 vaccines are searched by people who want to find the best options, the study and research about the results and side effects of the vaccines, and also where and when they can get the vaccine. The keywords used for this topic are covid vaccine, covid vaccination and covid vaccine side effects.


The next trending search is from all the investors and those who are interested in cryptocurrency, Bitcoin. Bitcoin gained a lot of interest and popularity in this digital era. Its price and value are skyrocketing these last few years. Plus, it goes up high or down low everyday. Which is why people search “Bitcoin” in Google everyday to keep up with the updates. Bitcoin investors usually search these keywords: Bitcoin, Price Bitcoin, and all the others cryptocurrency as well.   


TikTok has become trending and one of the most popular social media sites these days. TikTok has become the place where people project their creativity and show off their skills and expertise. TikTok is one of the trending searches of 2020 and 2021. People are searching about this application for lots of reasons.

People search for TikTok to find out what it is, to get the application, to find TikTok users, and also to find the program that helps them create better content for TikTok and to download TikTok videos. They are using these keywords: tiktok, ssstiktok, and download video tiktok, to learn more about TikTok from Google.


For this trending search, we have another sports related search. Apart from football, basketball is another famous and widely popular sport. NBA is the next one on the top trending searches. The NBA is The National Basketball Association, it is a professional basketball league from North America. Even though it is a North America league, people around the world are searching for them on Google. Also, with the death of Kobe Bryant, famous professional basketball player, last year, the basketball community has been getting more and more attention. 

Basketball fans around the world search about the NBA to get information about the matches, the results, and a lot more things. They are using keywords such as NBA, NBA scores, NBA standings, NBA schedule, and NBA best shot as well.

What to Watch?

top trending searches - "what to watch"
Image by mohamed Hassan from Pixabay.

Our last pick for top trending searches is actually a question that is asked a lot via Google search engine. That question is “What to watch?”. Seems like most people enjoy watching movies, series, or TV shows in their free time, and with a variety of options, it is hard to find something good to watch. People are searching for a recommendation for shows to watch in their spare time. 

People usually go for these keywords, what to watch, what to watch 2021, and what to watch on Netflix 2021. The search results that Google users are drawn to for this topic are mostly social media like Reddit, Twitter, or Facebook Group.

Wrap Up

That is all 6 top trending searches that we picked out for you. Did you have any guesses right? Turns out the trending searches are not as wild as people may guess. These lists are mostly things that are in people’s daily life or famous and popular subjects. If you can, try to turn these trending searches into blogs or posts, they will surely bring people to your website.

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