6 Types of Content Marketing to Consider

If you are doing digital marketing, how can you miss content marketing? Let’s learn more about content marketing and 6 types of content marketing. 

Are you interested in content marketing? Do you want to know what it is and how to do it? Viva One Digital, web design studio, is here to introduce you to content marketing. In this article, we will talk about an overview of content marketing, its benefits, and 6 types of content  marketing.

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Content marketing

When we look at the definition of content marketing, it is quite simple. Content marketing is to market or promote your brand by creating and publishing content. It can be either informational content or more light hearted content. Content marketing is to present content through many forms such as blogs, e-books, infographics, videos, or even emails. Brands usually do content marketing to draw more attention to their brands. 

Why you should do content marketing

Content marketing is one of the greatest tools to build your brand awareness and create engagement between you and your audience or customers. When you publish content on social media or your website, more people will be able to find your brand through search engines or social media sites. It will increase your brand recognition and awareness, meaning more people know of your brand and know what kind of products or services you provide. 

It also helps attract quality leads since those who found your content are certainly interested in your field of business. These new leads can eventually become your new customers as well. Which means content marketing can generate more sales and make more profit for your brand.

Not only that content marketing can attract new audiences, but it also helps keep your current audience interested and excited about your brand as well. Publishing high quality content regularly will give the reasons for the audience to keep following your brand and keep coming back to visit your website or social media page. And of course, when your website is visited more, search engines will start to prioritise your sites as well. It will help your brand’s websites rank higher in search result pages.

If you are doing content marketing through social media, you will be able to gain more engagement rates as well. Posts with content are proven to attract more interaction like likes, comments, and shares more than other posts. It makes your brand social media become more popular, well received, and well-known, bringing more followers to your sites too.

Content marketing is also the way to show your expertise as well. It makes people know that your brand has enough knowledge and skills to provide great services or offer great products for them. Plus, it is one way to give back to your customers and society as well.

If you are interested in creating high quality and engaging content, read our previous articles to find out more about content creation and how to create engaging content.

6 types of content marketing

Now that you know why content marketing is good for your business, let’s take a look at 6 types of content marketing. These types of content marketing are ones that are popular and proven to be effective.


Publishing blogs and articles on your website is the most common one of types of content marketing. Brands that do blogs on their websites have been proven to get visited way more than brands that do not publish any blog. Blogs will help grow your websites’ success and authority. Blogs help you reach more people through search engines since you will use various keywords in your blogs. It creates more opportunities for people to find you through their interests. 

Blog writing will work like a charm if you do it right. To make your blogs work effectively, you need to make sure your content is good enough and do not forget to consider search engine optimization (SEO). SEO writing will help your blogs rank better and be seen by more people, leading to more people knowing about your brand and becoming your customers.


Infographic is when you use graphic visuals to present information. It is to summarize and present lots of information in graphic form, making the information easier and quicker to be present and understand. Infographic is one way or another similar to a poster. It is mostly graphic with brief explanations. Here is the examples of infographic: 

types of content marketing : infographic
Infographic example from Yann Gourvennec

Infographic is loved by many because it is a photo that is easy to share and is understandable for everyone. People can read and understand infographics in a couple of minutes, unlike blogs or articles that are longer and require more time to read. However, infographics can only be used to present overview of topics, it will not be detailed. Infographics can be posted on social media or incorporated in blogs.

Infographics when shared through social media, will bring leads to your sites while also creating brand awareness and trustworthy characteristics for your brand as well. It is a way to showcase your expertise.


Emailing is one way to do content marketing. Email marketing is one of the older types of content marketing, yet it is still one of the most effective types of content marketing. Email is used by almost every one daily. It is the way to send your content directly to your audience. The content for email marketing can be anything from news and updates, promotions or deals from the brand, or interesting and informational content related to your brand.

Email is good for content marketing not only the fact that it is sent to the audience directly, but you can send it in bulk as well. It is not time consuming at all. Also, with email marketing, you can customize the content to each group of the audience based on their behavior and interests making your marketing strategy even more efficient.


Content marketing in video format is very versatile. It can be education, fun, or professional. Content in the video can be to give information about topics, showing interesting or fun stories, or you can use video content to show the behind the scenes of your business as well. Video can be time consuming and quite expensive to make compared to other types of content marketing, but it can make big impacts when it is done right.

Videos can be used as media in blogs, emails, or social media posts. It will enrich the content you already have. Videos are great to attract and grab the attention of the audience since it is visual media with sound. It is more fun and exciting compared to blogs and infographics. These videos can also help promote your business and build the company’s image as you desire as well.

Social media post

Social media is the biggest platform that gathers people around the world together. Billions of people use social media everyday, it is crucial for brands to be on social media sites. Being on social media will make more people know of your brand. It is also a medium for your brand to connect and contact your customers and potential customers as well. 

However, just being there is not enough. Since brands are on there, the competition is very high, you need content marketing to stand out from other brands’ sites. Contents posted on social media need to be engaging since you want the audience to interact with your post through likes, comments, shares, and other actions. These engagement will make the social media platform prioritised and favored your brands’ sites as well.

Social media posts are one way to present your content. Depending on the platform, the formats of content are varied. For example, Facebook and Twitter allow you to post any kind of content, videos, pictures, or texts, while TikTok is only for shorter videos.

Social media posts with great content will normally be shared and will be seen by a broader range of people. It will reach more potential customers. This will build brand awareness and recognition. In the long run, it builds trust among people for your brand. Even if they do not need to use your products or services right now, they will be more likely to choose your brand in the future when they need to, since they already know your brand and that your brand is skilled and trustworthy.


types of content marketing : podcast
Microphone vector created by freepik – www.freepik.com

Podcast is one of the newer types of content marketing. Podcast is like a radio in which it is audio media. Using podcasts as a content marketing method has become more and more popular in the last few years. Large number of people enjoy listening to podcasts for relaxation, self-development, and other purposes as well. 

Content for podcasts for business could be about the process of coming up with the products, the experience of using the products or services, the origin of your brand, topics that are trendy or related to your brand, etc. You can use podcasts to promote brands and products or even entertain your audience. It is a great place to show your brand personality and connect with the audience and customers as well. 

Final thoughts

Apart from these 6 types of content marketing, there are many more methods that you could use such as e-books, webinars, or free courses. It is great to use a variety of these types of content marketing. However, for starters, you could just choose one method that you can do best first for better results. After that, you can expand your content marketing strategies to be even better and reach even more potential customers of each interest.

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