7 Helpful Tips in Great Content Creation

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Content is always king for every website. If you want to be better at content creating. We, Viva One Digital, selected 7 amazing tips for content creation for you.

Before we go to our 7 tips, let’s go through some foundation of content creation. What is it and why is it important?

  • What is content creation
  • Why is content creation important
  • 7 Tips for great content creation
  • Conclusion

What is content creation

Content creation is the process of coming up with the ideas for content in any form and to create and publish or share those contents. Content creation is important for every website and every brand that wants to gain recognition and popularity online. Content creation will require lots of time and effort, but the result will surely be worthwhile.  

Content creation includes five main steps: researching, ideating, creating, editing, and lastly, publishing. With these steps, the content creation process will be easier and more efficient than ever. Let’s see what you need to do in each step of the creation process.

Step 1: Researching

In this first step, you may question, what to research? There are a few things that you should research before creating content. 

The first thing that you should research on is the audience or your customers. It is a great idea to know who your audience are, what they like, what questions they have, and what they want to know. You may use buyer persona to answer these questions. Researching the audience will help you come up with general ideas of topics that you could use in creating your content.

Another thing that you should do is keyword research. It is important to have a good keyword that will help your SEO or search engine optimization. Keyword research will tell you what keywords get searched often (search volume) and which keywords are easier or harder to rank well on search engine result pages (keyword difficulty). Keyword research will help you pick keywords that will work best for your website so you should definitely consider doing them.

Step 2: Ideating

After you are done with researching your keywords and audience, it is time to use your creativity and information from researching to generate ideas for content.

In this stage you will put your ideas together into a long-term plan of what you want to write about. For example, you could follow the topic clusters model. Set the pillar contents, then think of what should be their cluster contents. You will then know your work, what you need to create. Then you can create the editorial calendar where you plan the order of contents, when to create and when to publish them.

Step 3: Creating

Now, this steps is the when you put your time and effort in to creating great works. It is time to start writing blogs or posts, or making infographics or videos. Every types of content format are different, but there are some tips that you could keep in mind when creating content whether it is in writing format or not. 

When creating content for your brand, you should always stick to your buyer persona, stick to what you need about your audience. Create the content with them as the first priority. Also, create works that are unique and represent your brand personality. You can do that by optimizing the language tone and the design of your content. One more thing that you should do when creating your content is to be clear, concise, and make everything easy to understand. You don’t want to confuse your audience.

Step 4: Editing

When you are done writing or creating your content. It is a must to take some time to edit them. Editing is important because it gives you the opportunity to better or even perfect your work. It will give you chances to fix your mistakes.

It can be done right after you finish with the work, it can be done a few days later, or it could be done by your colleague. Having your co-workers help you is great since, not like you, they are unfamiliar with your work and tend to help spot any errors that you could not see. It brings different perspectives and opinions. 

Step 5: Publishing

The last step of the content creation process is publishing. It is now time to share your work with everyone. Publishing is just clicking the button, but it also needs to be planned in order to make the most value out of the hard work that you put into planning and making the content. What you need to plan before publishing any work are where to publish and when to publish. It helps you get more reach if you post it on the right platforms at the right time.

Now that you know the steps of creating content, let’s find out the importance of content creation.

Why is content creation important

As we all know, content is the most important element of any website and any post. Which is why the content creation process is a very important thing to do if you want to do content marketing. But apart from that, there are also more benefits of content creation for websites that might.

Content is the way for you to connect with the audience or the potential customers. It allows you to give back to the audience, and at the same time, attracting more future customers. Also, the websites that do content marketing like blogs get three times more traffic and leads compared to the websites that are not doing content marketing. Also if you do blogs, the research shows that about 60% of online purchases are directly from those who are reading a blog.

7 Tips for great content creation

Now that you know the process of content creating and its benefits, let’s jump to some helpful tips that will help you improve your content. 

There are many problems and obstacles that content creators may face while creating content or coming up with the ideas for content creation. These tips will help solve those problems and make your content even better.

Follow the trends

One way to have creative and attractive content is to follow the trends. Based your content on things that are popular or in-trend at the moment will help you with creating more content and also attract more people to view your content. It also makes your content current and up-to-date as well. 

You can use the new release or all-time favorite movies, TV shows, books, or songs as the element of your content. Try merging your expertise with these trends then you will get the trendy and interesting contents. 

For example, we expertise in website designing and we want to corporate the movie “Inside Out”. We might come up with blogs and infographics on the topic: 5 color palettes for websites inspired by Inside Out’s characters.

Find inspiration from various sources.

Exposing myself to new experiences is the best way to get more ideas and inspiration. When running out of ideas, the most common way to get inspiration is to read more books, watch more plays or shows, try new food and even travel too. Not only that it is common, but also very effective as well since it broadens your perspective. When you have more experience and knowledge, you will have more material to write about and create more variety of contents. 

Get ideas from other people 

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Now if you are done reading books and watching shows, another thing you could do to gain more insight and experience is to talk to other people. 

Talking to others can help you come up with new ideas for content very easily. It can be brainstorming, interviewing experts or non-experts, or just go on a walk and talk to strangers. It will help you experience new points of view and maybe get some ideas to create new and exciting contents.

If doing all this sounded too much, you could ask your audience directly. Have them comment or submit their recommendation or what you should write next or what they want to know or read. It is easy, fast, and it also is guaranteed to be loved by your audience.

Know your competitors

Apart from working on friends and audiences, the competitors are another group that you should study. It is always a good idea to beware of what your competitors are doing in order for your website to not be left behind.

Be inspired by your competitors, look at their content, what are the topics that they have and you don’t. Create the content based on similar topics as them or you can even think further about their content. If they are not covered yet, create content around those subjects as well. 

Choose the right format and the right place to post

Each platform is suitable for different content formats. Study the platforms, what are their unique features, what kind of content will work well on them. For example, if you want to post on Twitter, would you create a long article? The answer is ‘No’ since you know that Twitter limited the length of the post. You will go for a shorter version or posting links instead.

And if you already have the content made, where should you post them? If you have a 30-second-long video, would you post it on Youtube or Instagram. You need to make sure that the content will be compatible with the platforms that you are using, so the audience can have the best experience.

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Make more out of one content

When you create one content, do not use it once and throw it away. Reuse the content, adapt them to each platform. For example, if you write a blog, try summarizing them into shorter versions, post it on Facebook or other places as well. If not, you can also create an infographic representing content from the blog as well.

Another possible way of reusing content is if you make a Youtube video, turn it into blogs or posts, and vice versa. Using your one content to create more media is time and cost saving. And also reduce the amount of work for you and your staff as well.

Let the guest write

Another thing you can do to better the content creation for your brand is to have guest writers. You can contact smaller creators to write for your website. It will help them gain more publicity and your brand will benefit from this as well. 

Having a guest writer will bring diversity and variety of content to your website. And it is a great way to reduce the workload so you could have more time to create and edit your wonderful content.


Content creation process starts with researching, then coming up with ideas, planning, creating and editing before publishing the content. This process helps you make better content that will attract more people to your website. If you follow the process and tips that we have selected for you, you will sure ace your content marketing game. 

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