Impress website visitors with an awesome about us page design

About us page design is another important aspect that will turn your site visitors into customers. Let’s find out how an about us page can impress your visitors and how to make it happen.

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In this article, our Bangkok website design agency will talk briefly about the about us page and why it is beneficial for your website and brand. We will also be looking at some of the design tips and writing tips for the about us page design too.

About us page

The about us page is one of the important and must-have pages for any website. It is there for the customers and site visitors to learn more about your business, who you are, what is your origin, and what is good about you. 

In this page, you will tell stories about your brand, your products, and your services. It is the  space to show your passion and values that you have. You can use about us page design to represent your brand personality while giving information about the brands including your past experience and achievements as well. It is another great influence that will help the visitors believe in your brand, or be more interested in your brand. If you have great about us page design, you might be able to turn site visitors into customers with your amazing stories.

Killer tips to impress website visitors with about us page design

In this section, we will divide the content into two parts, what to do for actual about us page design and what to include in the about us page content. 

The about us page designs

Keep the design consistent and reflect brand personality

The about us page design must reflect brand personality and go along well with the rest of the website. Keep it coordinated with the design of the homepage, contact page, and other pages as well. It will create consistency and unity among the pages of the websites. Plus, the design of each page is another method to convey your brand characteristic and personality through the colours , graphics, and layouts.

Divide content into sections

In the about us page, you will be mentioning lots of topics which we will talk about later in the article. It is a great idea to divide the content into smaller sections due to many reasons. When the content is present in smaller chunks, it is easier and more appealing to the readers. Yes, the visitors may want to learn more about your brand, but it does not mean they want to spend ten minutes reading about your back story.

smaller sections of content will force you to be concise and keep the story straightforward. Also, it is easier to the eyes of the reader as well. It will allow you to have more blank spaces between subtopics on the about page, keeping the readers continue reading more and more.

Use pictures to tell story

As the saying goes “A picture is worth a thousand words.”, it will help you a lot if you use pictures as a part of storytelling. Pictures will draw readers attention, keep them interested, and continue reading. Pictures also are a great way to demonstrate what you talk about as well. It can help you with keeping the content short and concise too, since you can use pictures to elaborate more on each subtopic.

Make the about page interactive and fun

Another great tip for us page design is to make it interactive since it is one of the best ways to grab attention and hook the reader on the content. You could do that by making the web page scrollable and have buttons for clicking to reveal more information or graphics. It can even be pop-ups, videos, or interactive images as well. The fun from interactive elements of the about us page design will definitely impress the site visitors for sure.

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Show real people 

One last tip for the about us page design is to show the pictures of your team. When you show pictures of your staff or employees, it creates an invisible connection between your brand and site visitors as well as the customers. It helps build trustworthy images for your brand and convince the reader to believe and choose your brand better.

The about us page content

The About us page is actually more about the content than the about us page design itself. It depends on the content whether your about us page can impress and win the site visitors’ heart or not. Let’s take a look at what you need or should do for the content of the about us page.

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Tell the story by answering questions

The gist of this page is to tell the story, and to make sure you cover all the important points of your brand’s story, we recommend that you answer these questions.

The questions are:

  • Who are you? –  This includes who your team is and who is in charge as well.
  • What matters to you? – This is the part where you talk about your company’s beliefs and values.
  • What are you offering? – Answer what your business is selling or offering and how it works.
  • How do you run your business? – You can talk about how your organization is run or the process of your services and products as well.
  • When and Why did you start the business? – Tell the story of the beginning of your business.
  • Why should they choose you? –  Talk about what sets you apart from your competitors and what is the highlight of your business.
  • What are your achievements and success? – This is the part to talk about your success, achievements, or the projects that you are proud of.

These are the example questions that will get you started with writing the story for the about us  page design. You can add more information like your company motto, your goals, and other things as you wanted. 

Keep the story real

When writing the content for the about us page, you want to attract the readers and make a good impression. However, you should keep the story real and authentic. It will show how honest and trustworthy your brand is.

Of course, you do not want to share everything on this page. You can choose to talk about good things and leave out some bad things, but you should never lie to your customers. It will tarnish your reputation badly and you will lose all the trust that the customers and your audience have for you as well. Instead of lying, you can choose to word your content differently to make the story sound better for your brand.

Be proud of your success 

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The last tip for writing content for the about us page is to not be shy to show off or even brag a little bit about your awards, achievements, or maybe successful projects that you have worked on. From your side, it might feel like bragging, but it is another story for the readers. When the visitors read about your achievements, it makes them believe that you are skilled and experienced and worth working with. It builds trustworthiness and good reputations for your brand.

Final thoughts

The about us page is an important part of your website and business, it will impress your visitors and customers, and will give you the edge in business. Follow our suggestions and adjust tips and tricks to fit your company goals will help you create an amazing about us page for sure.

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