5 Important Pages for Website (and more) That You Need

When creating the website, have you ever wonder what are the pages for website that you need? Why do we need homepage or about us page? Let’s take a look a all the important pages you should have on your website and their important role in your website.

Here are all the pages for website you will ever need :

5 must have pages for website

There are a big number of pages that could be on the website, some are necessary, some are not. There are only these five pages that you must put on your website. These five pages are the fundamental of the websites. It represent the important things the viewers need to know and see.

The five important pages for website are:


Homepage is the most important page on the websites. Homepage acts like the hotel lobby or content page in the book. Homepage is the first page that will come in contact with the site visitors. It set first impression and over all mood of the brand.

In the homepage design, you should state who you are and what your brand does or offer. Put in some tag lines to catch viewers’ heart. Homepage should look interesting and grab viewers’ attentions at the first second they are on your website. Homepage should be quick to load since you shouldn’t keep the visitors waiting for long. Homepage has to look professional and well-designed. Well-design homepages will draw attentions and also show brand characteristics.

About Page

About page tells story of your brand. It shows what you love, care, and value. About page give information about your brand and products or services that will make the customers understand your brand better. They might find things that you value match their lifestyles or inspirational. The customers should be intrigued after reading your about page.

About page is where you could present your past achievements. Include your proud history on this page to make credibility for your brand.

Products/Services Page

Products page or services page is where you present what you have to offer. On this page, you need to make sure that your products are well-presented. You want the products to look good so the viewers want to buy them. Tailor it to your brand whether it is products or services. In this page, it should show all of the products that you have and linked them to individual pages of each product for more information.

If your brand carries many categories of products or services, you can also divide this page into pages for each products categories as well. Let’s say your brand sell paints and also provide painting services. You can have both paints page and services page to make it easier for the customers to find what they need.

Blog Page

Blog page is where you show the collections of blogs you have created. Blogs are small business best friend, blog is the best marketing tool for small or new business. Blog is affordable and it bring traffic and people to your websites.

Blogs are where you can show off your brand expertise in the field. It gives you chances to engage and communicate with the site visitors. You can also use this page to announce news for your brand as well.

Blog page usually list all the blogs on your website in one page, it usually listed from newest to oldest blogs. Make sure that your blog page is easy to read. Choose the layouts that aid the viewers to pick or choose the blogs easily like grid of cards layout.

Contact Page

The last page of the important pages for website is contact page. Contact page help your customers and future customers reach you. On this page, you should provide every way that the customers can get in touch with you. List all the social media accounts you have, phone number, and e-mail. If you do have a store or more, provide the address with maps or location links too. It is good to also state your business hour as well.

Some brands provide a contact form on the contact page instead of giving the business e-mail. This will prevent spam mails and also make it easier for the customers to contact you since they can just fill out the form on your website and wait for you to reach out to them.

Other cool pages for website that will better your website

These pages are not as essential as the five ones above, but these pages can make your website even better. Having these cool pages on the website gives more information about your brand. It show that you put effort in making that website, which indicate good customer service. These pages will also make it easier for the viewers and potential customers to make a decision.

The great to have pages for website are:

Portfolio/Clients/Reviews Page

Portfolio page is the place to show your past works if you offer services, and product reviews from real clients if you sell products. This page is the best thing you can put on the website to build your brand credibility. It make your brand trustworthy and reliable, the important characteristics every brand need.

On this page, present pictures of your work with reviews or praise from the customers. Make sure your products and services look convincing.

Promotions/Special Offers Page

Promotions page is one of the pages for website that can help increase your sales. The customers will always be intrigued by the special offers. Create a page to let the customers know the promotions you have will surely draw in more traffic and customers.

If you have this page, change and add new offers regularly. You can base the promotion on special holidays of each month as well.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) Page

FAQs page is an amazing page to have. This page will give customers answers to any questions they have right away without waiting for your team to contact them. It make your website and brand look professional. This page can also decrease the work load for you as well.

pages for website - FAQS example
source: Samsung

Careers Page

Careers page or join our team page is there to recruit employee. For new business that are growing, having a careers page will helps the candidate find you and join your team.

Terms and Conditions Page

Term of use or service page will provide the information about your services and products. It should state the conditions and limitations that the customers or viewers agreed on when using your services or products.

Privacy Policy Page

Privacy Policy page will tell the customers how you are going to use and manage their personal information that your website have collected. This should include information about cookies, e-mails, and advertising.

Wrap Up

A lot of pages for website are listed here for you to choose from. Don’t forget to include the five must have pages and consider other pages as well. Try to think of your brand when choosing the pages. Tailor the pages for website to your brand’s needs, you do not need of the pages on the list. Stick to what you really need and think about what your customers may want to know. Just think of your brand ad customers and your websites will be more than great.

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