13 Tips on How to Attract more Organic Searches to Your Website?

Organic searches bring a lot of advantages. Let’s find out what organic searches are and what those benefits are. Plus, Viva One Studio will share 13 tips to help you gain more organic search traffic. 

Organic searches - search engines
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Here are what we are going to talk about:

What are organic searches?

Organic search is the search result that appears in search engines naturally. It is not paid to appear in the search results page. Organic searches are the opposite of paid advertisements. Organic search results are those that were put together by a search engine’s algorithm only without considering paid ads.

Organic searches are ranked based on SEO or search engine optimization factors of each website such as domain authority, blacklinks, and most importantly, relevance to the search terms that people type into search engines. 

Organic searches will be shown on the search results page in their performance order. On the other hand, paid searches will be placed at the top part of the search results page. Paid searches’ positions on the search results page will only be determined by how much the website’s owners are going to pay for the ads, not their performance.

Why are organic searches important?

Organic searches brings a valuable source of traffic.

Organic searches will bring organic traffic to your website. It is the traffic that found your website via unpaid search results on search engines. Organic traffic is the most valuable traffic.

If people who get to your website through organic search results and are impressed with your website, they will come back regularly over time. Making them a long-term if not permanent source of traffic.

Organic search is budget-friendly

Organic search is good for every business, however, smaller businesses will love organic searches more than others. Organic searches do not require any payment. You do not need to have lots of money to pay for good positions in search engine result pages. You just need to invest in creating good SEO content and audience and keywords research. 

How to attract organic searches to your website

1. Do keyword research

First tip on how to gain more organic traffic starts with having the right keywords. Keyword research is the process of analysis and choosing keywords that are most relevant to your websites and most searched by the target audience. 

Using the right keywords will bring more traffic to your website. On the contrary, using the wrong keywords is like hiding your website from them. A small difference as singular or plural words make a very big difference on the number of people who will see your website on the search engine results page. 

keywords- organic searches
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2. Use keywords on your page

Now that you have the effective keywords in your hands, you need to make sure you use them correctly. There are a few places that you need to use your keywords for the search engines to be able to find your websites and know that your websites are what they are searching for. 

Those places include the page titles, the headings, the URLs, and the meta descriptions. To corporate the focus keywords in these places is to tell the search engines that your website is relevant to what the users are looking for. Also, when the users read your titles and meta description, they will be able to decide whether they are interested in your website or not. It reassures them that your website is relevant.

3. Create quality content

As we have talked about many times before, content is the lead character of your website. If you want to gain more organic searches, you will need to create high quality content. 

Quality content is one of greatest tools that will bring the organic traffic to your websites and keep them coming back for more. Imagine yourself finding the sources of information and news that you like, you will revisit those sources and learn more things, right? Your website audiences are the same, if you can hook them at the first time with your content, they will want more and keep returning to your website.

4. Optimize the content with SEO writing

If your content is good enough for the audience, it is time you consider impressing the search engines. To make your content more attractive to the search engines, you need to follow the SEO writing process

SEO writing aims to make your writing piece, blogs, or any content on the websites work well with search engine algorithms. It includes using keywords in the right places and keep mentioning them throughout the contents. Other parts of SEO writing is to link your posts to others pages both within and outside your website. Apart from that, there are still many factors and elements that you need to consider when writing for SEO. 

5. Make sure you website is fast loading

Another important thing that will build your website credibility and improve your SEO is to have a fast loading speed. Also, slow speed websites make the audience and customers abandon your website before they get to see your wonderful website and content.

While slow websites get abandoned, fast websites get revisited often. The audience will keep coming back to the website that loads fast and eventually become a royal audience.

6. Use attractive page titles

Another obvious tip that can draw more attention and organic searches to your website is to have interesting page titles. When people enter their keyword in search box and attend the search results page, the first thing they are going to look at is the page titles. 

You need to be creative and try to think as an audience about what they will need to see from the titles. You need to state what content you offer in the title and show that you offer good things for them to explore on your website.

7.Use attractive meta descriptions

attractive meta description - organic searches

One thing that is as important as the page title is the meta description. Meta descriptions are there to give the users a preview to your content. It will draw them to click to your website or scroll past your search results.

Attractive meta description will make people feel intrigued to know more and want to read your content. It should be persuasive in a way and it should tell them what they will get from visiting your website.

8. Create blogs

Blogs are great tools to make your website recognized on search engines. It is a kind of content marketing which builds a website’s credibility and trustworthiness.

Creating blogs helps your website reach more people. Each blog will work on different keywords and it increases the chances of your website being found by people who search for different things. 

Blogs make more indexed pages which is an important factor for SEO. Blogs also make your customers think of your brand as a leader or an expert in the field. And if they want to know anything about your field, they will tend to come to your website which will definitely help bring organic search traffic to your site.

9. Include outbound links in your website

Linking your website to authoritative sites will help your website authority. More than that, it makes the search engines know that your website and content are relevant to the search keywords. Which will finally result in gaining more traffic from organic search results.

10. Follow Google’s EAT guidelines 

Google’s EAT guidelines are three factors that Google uses to measure websites’ quality. It consists of expertise, authoritativeness, and trustworthiness. 

Expertise of your website shows when you provide high quality and relevant content related to your field as well as citing the reliable sources. 

Authoritativeness of your website can be shown by adding positive words or reviews from your customers on your website. And having other websites link back to your website also helps with the authoritativeness of your website as well.

Trustworthiness of your website comes when your website is an HTTPS site. It is to build trusts for your customers. It is to make sure that your website is safe for the audience to visit. 

11. Make sure everything is working well

The last tip for increasing organic search traffic is to make sure that everything and every page of your website is working fine. Try to eliminate any errors that are on your website since it will affect your website credibility and have a bad influence on the user experience

Wrap Up

Now that you have known what organic searches are and what benefits they have for your website, I hope you will start considering putting more effort into gaining more organic search traffic. Optimizing your website and content to make search engines find you easier and more attractive. Use our provided tips to help you achieve your goal of gaining organic traffic faster.

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