8 Benefits of Social Media for Brands

Bangkok web design company, Viva One Studio, wants to take you on a journey to explore the advantages and benefits of social media platforms and how you can make the most out of your social media marketing efforts.

We are now already familiar with social media and know that everyone can benefit from social media. We know that social media can connect people together and build a community among brands and customers, but do you know that business can earn lots of great thing in various aspects from benefits of social media.

Benefits of Social Media for Brands

Let’s explore the benefits of social media platforms for business. See how you can use social media to your advantage.

Discover new business trends as it happens

Social media is where you, as a brand, can see everything happening in your industry. You will see new trends and tactics that your competitors are using as well as what your customers and potential customers are complaining or hyping up about. 

This is the chance for you to always keep up with the industry and customers interests, it is a chance to be the leading brand in your industry as you are able to anticipate and be the first to hop on the trend. Being the trend setter makes your brand stand out, and makes your brand seem like a leader which leads to a more reliable and credible brand image.

A chance for better competitive analysis

Social media helps you see your competitors’ marketing strategy in action. This is the most exciting perk out of many benefits of social media. It is a way for you to learn how your competitors are running ads, promoting their products, as well as how well their strategies are working. 

This helps you keep up and also find a gap for your brand to outshine your competitors. For example, if you see your competitors’ Facebook pages are doing really well but their Instagram pages are not performing as well, you could use Instagram as a platform for your brand to outperform your biggest competitor.

This is all about learning from your competitors’ hits and misses, it helps you form the best social media marketing strategy without helping to go through trial and error for every tactic you want to use.

Take better care of your customers

Social media helps you take care and serve the needs of your customers better than ever. It allows you to respond to your customers’ comments, suggestions, complaints, and any issues or problems as fast as possible. 

This will help provide a better customer service experience for your customers, make them feel more cared and important, which will result in customer loyalty. Great customer service will make the customers choose you over your competitors and will stay loyal to your brand.

However, when you reply to the customers on social media, you need to make sure that you are able to serve them with professionalism and put their satisfaction first. You will need to be able to respond with calmness and reasons, not emotions. It is important for those who are responsible for replying to the customers on social media to be able to provide good services and answers, since they are representing your business and could make or break your business credibility in seconds.

benefits of social media

Reach broader range of customers

One of the biggest benefits of social media platforms is how many people are using them. There are many social media platforms that you could market your business. Each platform has its selling points and capability as well as target groups. For example, new social media platforms like TikTok have more teenage and working age active users compared to Facebook that have more adult and senior active users. 

These demographic information about active users on the platforms will help pick the best platforms to market your brand. In addition, this information helps you create content and posts that will best attract the target group more effectively.

Since each platform is like a bridge to each group of people, using various social media platforms will allow you to reach more audiences around the world of all ages and interests. It is better your chance of getting new leads and traffic to your website as well.

Build more approachable brand image

Being on social media and interacting with the audience and customers online help humanize your business. It allows you to be able to build a relationship with your customers in a friendly and approachable manner.  

Having a human-like interaction with your customers, giving your company a voice and characteristic to present to the audience make the customers feel more comfortable to engage with your brand and feel more connected to your brand since your brand seems more relatable to the audience.

When you represent your brand as a person or live-character, the audience will feel more at ease to interact and engage with your brand through social media, it will bring you more social media engagement like comments, likes, and follows. To paint a picture, when you start a conversation with your audiences, they will be more likely to participate and keep the conversation going since you express your brand in a welcoming nature.

Evaluate your performance easily

One of the benefits of social media is how convenient it is for you to assess the performance of the posts anytime and anywhere. With reaction functions such as likes, favorites, share and comment on social media, you can easily evaluate any marketing campaign you post on social media in an instance. When you get more likes and comments on any post, you can assume that your audience likes the content and are more likely to prefer the similar content. 

It helps you set the strategy for future posts in order to bring in more engagement and audience. When you know the topics and types of content that the audience prefers, you can reduce the risk of putting out low-engagement posts or paid ads. This will help you guarantee the effectiveness of your social media campaign. 

You can also use these functions to do a quick survey as well. You get the data from real customers and potential customers which will help you form a better decision and plan for your business.

benefits of social media

Free marketing platform

One of the best benefits of social media has is that it is free of charge. You can join and make social media presence for free and even do marketing and campaigns without any additional cost. These platforms are not charging brands for posting any content on the platforms. 

Organic posts can be very effective if you do it right by creating engaging and interesting content that match the audience’s preference and interests. Trendy content and useful content are also great for attracting people to your social media page as well.

However, if you want to reach more people and further advertise your brand with paid ads, you could effectively and efficiently do so as well. Paying for social media ads is also considered cheaper and more cost-effective compared to other advertising methods like television ads, billboard, or print ads.

Build backlinks and bring traffic to your website 

Last but not least, this is one of the well known benefits of social media but still worth mentioning. Being on social media will expose your brand to more audiences and send those audiences to your website, bringing more traffic to your website. Also, when you attach your website URLs to social media posts, it counts as backlinks

The increasing backlinks and traffic help improve your website’s authority and credibility which are parts of search engine optimization (SEO). It will help your website get to a better and higher ranking on the search engine result page.


There are many benefits of social media for brands in various aspects including bringing in more audience and potential customers, sending them to your website for more traffic, helping you spy on your competitors, connecting with customers and learn from them about their interests and preferences, as well as keeping up with new trends.

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