Benefits of Podcasting for Business in 2021

Viva One Digital, Bangkok web design expert team is here to convince you to start podcasting for business. Let’s explore why brands should do podcasting for business.

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Podcasting has become more and more popular these days. Podcasts are one of many ways to do content marketing. Podcast is the content in the form of audio files that is available for the audience to access through the internet. People can listen to podcasts anywhere, anytime. Nowadays, podcasts can be accessed through many popular applications and websites such as Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, and Audible. Also, recently, podcasts are often uploaded to YouTube and other social media in video format as well.

The reason why podcasts are so popular is that it is like listening to a radio, you do not need to look at the screen and you can listen to podcasts as you are doing other tasks. You can listen to podcasts in the car, at the gym, at home while doing chores, and many more occasions. Podcasts are used for many different purposes. There are podcasts for entertainment, and many podcasts that allow you to learn about many interesting topics. Many people also enjoy listening to podcasts to learn new languages as well. With the various purposes of podcasts, many brands and businesses are now interested and started to market their brands and products using podcasts as well.

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podcasting for business

When you think of podcast marketing, what kind of content do you think of? When brands do podcasts, definitely, the content will be topics that are related to their niches. It will be the topics that are in their field of business, things that they are expertise in. and of course, it can also be about their brands and products as well, such as the origins, reviews from real customers, and insights from the brands’ staff. Podcast for business is the new way for marketing that will totally set your brand apart from your competitors. Let’s check out the benefits of podcasting for business.

Benefits of podcasting for business

Podcasting is still overlooked in the business world. However, there are many advantages of podcasting for business. As discussed, podcasting is another way to do content marketing, podcasts are ,in some way, similar to blogging. Some benefits of podcasting for your business that we are going to talk about is a dream for a brand to have. It will give you an edge and set you apart from other similar businesses. 

Podcasts build brand recognition and identity.

Podcasts allow you to share your expertise and the stories of your brands with customers and audience. It will help greatly in building your brand recognition, authority, and credibility. It helps showcase your expertise and skills. When people know about your brand and know that you have the skills and knowledge in the field, it is normal that they will eventually gain trust in your brand.  

When people have seen and heard about your brand and how good you are often, they tend to choose you over other brands. And since more people are listening to podcasts these days, it becomes one of the ultimate platforms to connect with people. 

However, when you share your knowledge in podcasts, remember to not oversharing. The goal of podcasting for business is to advertise and make them interested in using your products or services. If you share every tips and tricks and secrets of your works, people will just listen to your podcasts and do all the work themselves, leaving your brands unwanted.

Podcasts reach more people than blogs and videos.

Podcasts are like the new age of radio, as we talked about, it can be listened to anywhere and anytime now. And it also reaches and attracts people of many lifestyles as well. 

Podcasts are easy to access. It allows people with any lifestyle to enjoy listening to podcasts. Unlike blogs that are visual and require full attention to read and videos that need to be watched and listened to, podcasts only require one sense which is hearing. It allows people to multitask and get more things done at the same time. The easier podcasts are to access, the more people enjoy and prefer them over other content marketing strategies.

Podcasts are cost and time effective.

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Podcasts can be produced in a short period of time. It does not need much editing, it just needs to be well prepared. Podcasts are simply the audio files of people talking. It can be one person talking to the audience, or a record of conversations on each topic as well. Podcasts do not need to be produced in a big and fancy studio, it can be done in the office or even at home. 

If you can edit the audio file by yourself, it will save even more budget. You will only be paying for podcast hosting if needed. Podcast hosting is to store and make your podcast available to access via the internet. You can find both free and paid podcast hosting services. Check out this podcast hosting comparison to learn more. 

With podcasts being almost free to make and can be produced in no time while having many benefits, there is no reason you would not start podcasting for business. 

Podcasts draw in potential customers.

With a variety of podcasts, people can choose to listen to the subjects and podcasts that they are interested in. Similar to how people who read blogs are interested in the subjects and are more likely to become future customers, people who choose to listen to your podcasts are guaranteed to be interested in the field of your brand and more likely to be potential customers as well. 

Podcasts create opportunities for building connections.

podcasting for business : build connection with others
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If the mentioned benefits of podcasting for business is not enough to win you over, let’s talk about how podcasts can help you build connections with people in and outside of your business field.

Podcasts are the perfect opportunity to connect with others including your audience, customers, brands, and even competitors. With podcasts, you can invite people to be your guests. It is an easy way to cooperate with brands. And it will help both you and your guests reach a larger audience as well. It makes your guests known by your audience and vice versa.  

Cooperating with brands and customers over podcasts is the great start for friendly partnership. It creates many opportunities in the future for your brand and you as a business owner as well.

Podcasts are profitable.

Podcasting for business can be more than marketing strategy, since it can earn some money for your business too. There are many platforms that can make your podcast profitable. 

You can profit from sponsorship or ads if you are open to share the spotlight. If not, you can earn some for being a paid guest on other podcasts as well. However, you need to have a big audience to do so. 

Now, if you are just starting out, a good way to make some money out of podcasts is to publish your podcast where you can monetize your content such as Spotify, Audible, and YouTube

Podcasts can increase website traffic and social media engagement.

Last but not least, the benefits that every brand doing digital marketing want, podcasts will bring traffic to your websites and help you gain more engagement on social media sites. 

Sharing podcasts on social media is an easy way to draw some likes and comments. And you can use a space in podcasts to advertise your social media sites as well. It will encourage more people to follow your social media page, as well as the website.

With website traffic, apart from asking people to check out your websites. You can link them to related blogs or pages on your website and encourage people to learn more about the interesting topics on your websites as well.

Final thoughts

All of these are podcasting for business and its benefits. Podcasting that sounded light and is often related to entertainment other than marketable, actually has more advantages for the brand than you think. If you want to stand out and be a step further than your competitions, start podcasting for business now. 

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