8 Best Color Palette for Website

Using the right color palette for website will surely enhance your brand’s website. Let’s learn about the importance of colors, how each color influences people’s emotions and best color palette ideas for your website. Plus, See how various color palettes are used to create templates for websites at Viva One Digital.

Importance of Colors

Colors play an important role to people’s emotions. Colors can attract or push away the visitors. Colors set the mood for your brand. It can tell so much about your brand’s characteristics. For example, using earth tone color palettes say that you are natural, friendly and warm while bright or neon colors suggest that you are fun and energetic.

Color palettes also create brand recognition. The unique color palette will set your brand apart from others, make your brand shine brighter. Just like when we think of Facebook we relate it with the color blue and how the color red reminds us of YouTube. The visitors will recognize your brand by the colors that you use for the logo and throughout the websites.

Colors and Emotions

Each color has a different effect on people’s emotions. The color palette of website will frame how the visitor sees your brand. To set the example, you might notice that brands that want to convey the message of excitement, youthfulness, and boldness will use the color red. Some of those brands are Coca-Cola, Lego, and even Netflix.


As we have stated above, red conveys the excitement and boldness. It also represents love and energy as well. That is why entertainment and fashion brands are using red on their websites. Namely, Youtube, Netflix, H&M, Uniqlo and etc.


Orange represents friendliness, confidence, and cheerfulness. Sport brands like Nike and Timberland use orange to state confidence and enthusiasm. Online shopping websites are also using orange as their color including Amazon and Shopee for its friendly and sociable characteristics.


Yellow represents creativity, optimism, and happiness. Mc Donald used a big yellow “M” to represent the happiness they brought to people as well as Chupa Chups. On the other hand, Post-it, Nikon, and Snapchat use yellow to show creativity. 


Green represents nature, peace, harmony, freshness, and also wealth. Starbuck uses green to give customers the feeling of peacefulness and a little bit of luxury. Moreover, Many eco-friendly product brands also use green to represent nature and environment awareness.


Blue represents trust, competence, and royalty. Most electronic and car brands and financial institutions use blue to present their trustworthy, secure and strong personality. For example, American Express uses blue on their website to influence their customers to view them as a reliable and trustworthy brand.


Purple represents luxury, royalty, and ambition. Siam Commercial Bank and Thai Airways use purple to express their loyalty to the customers and the luxury experience they offer.

Now that you are familiar with individual colors and their meaning, let’s take a look at color palette ideas for your website.

Here are 8 color palettes to use on your websites

1. Neon Realness

Neon Realness Color Palette is suitable for restaurants and nightclubs. In addition, gaming businesses will work perfectly with this color palette for sure. Neon colors are very fun and bold, when paired with black or darker colors it creates the senses of mystery and sophistication. 

Neon Realness - best color palette

2. Icy Summer

Icy Summer Color Palette is very fun and lively. It consists of red, orange, green and blue. the colors are bright which show youthfulness, cheerfulness, and full load of energy. This palette is for businesses that offer fun activities or courses. Kids products and pets products will be good with this palette as well. 

Icy summer - best color palette

3. Red and Purple Fantasy

Red and Purple Fantasy Color Palette is combination of red, purple, and gray. This combo is suitable for IT gadgets and services or more modern and futuristic products and brands. Red indicates excitement, new things while purple is for ambition and luxury. Apart from IT products, any luxury services and products will be well with this palette as well.

red and purple fantasy - best color palette

4. Greeny and Whitey

Greeny and Whitey Color Palette includes green and pearly color. This palette is perfect for green/eco-friendly products and also planting products. Food and drinks will work well with this palette as well. The green represents nature and environment.  Pearly white color gives the senses of calmness and comfort. Which is also perfect for massage & spa services.

greeny and whitey- best color palette

5. Candy House

Candy House Color Palette suits more feminine products such as cosmetics, skincare, and women clothes. Websites for minimalist furniture and kitchenware can use this color palette as well. With the soft pink, orange, purple, and green. This palette is gentle, generous, honest and joyful.  

candy house - best color palette

6. Earth Tone Red and Green

Earth Tone Red and Green Color Palette is a compound of red, gray, and green. This color palette works best for travel business. Travel agencies, tour services, outdoor activities, including travel and camp gadgets businesses can utilize this color palette. Red represents excitement and energy while green and gray represents nature and moderness.

earth tone red and green - best color palette

7. Caramel Lush

Caramel Lush Color palette is a combination of subtle shades of brown, pink, and blue. This palette represents comfort, softness, trust, and royalty. It is suitable with a variety of products from furniture, clothings, pets products to beauty products. This palette is very neutral, it is neither fiminine nor masculine.

8. Red and Bluetopia

Red and Bluetopia Color Palette give the sense of moderness, classic and energy. This palette is versatile, it is compatible with kids brands, pets brands, and even restaurants. You can also see these colors in both women’s and men’s clothing as well.

red and bluetopia - best color palette

Creating your own color palette

If these color palettes are not what you are looking for, you can check out these websites where you can create your own color palette for websites.

Adobe Color CC Color Wheel

Adobe Color CC Color Wheel is a color palette construction system. This website lets you try out, compare and save your color combination. You can choose various color rules to get the best results.

Color Hunter

This website does not have as many functions as Adobe Color CC Color Wheel, but it is easy and quick to use. Color Hunter will generate a color palette from your picture. All you need to do is take a picture of your products or stores and upload it on the website.

Hopefully, you have a good idea of what color palettes to use for your website and also understand how to use color to your advantage.