Best Fonts for Websites in 2021

When designing a website, there are lots of factors to work on, layout, colors, and many more. However, the thing that have been overlooked a lot is typography including fonts. let’s explore the benefits of fonts, the trend of fonts ,and the best fonts for websites in 2021.

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Here is what you need to know about using fonts for websites including:

  1. The Reasons Why Fonts Matters
  2. Trend of Fonts in 2021
  3. Best Fonts for Websites in 2021
  4. Wrapping up

The Reasons Why Fonts Matters

So what makes fonts and typography so important? First of all, fonts represents your brand characteristic. Fonts help convey tone of voice. Each type of fonts make the readers comprehend messages differently. You want to use the font that is true to brand personality, whether it is fun, professional, or edgy.

Choosing the right fonts will make your websites reader-friendly. With loads of content on the website, fonts that are easy to read is what you should use. When the texts is easy to the eye, the reader will be happier to say on your websites longer.

Also, fonts help build your brand recognition. A unique style of fonts makes people recognize your brand better. See the example of many big company like Coca-Cola, Disney, and Adidas, they each have their one of a kind fonts which people can remember them right away

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Trend of Fonts in 2021

New font trends are created every day. Here are some trends of fonts in 2021.

  1. Solid Shadow Style – Solid Shadow fonts use the impact of shadow to highlight the words. Give the reader the excitement when seeing them. The fonts following this trend are tend to be fun, bold, and energetic.
  2. Typewriter Style – This style of fonts imitated the classic and timeless uniqueness of typewriters. The vintage style and minimal characteristic of typewriter fonts remind many of their good memory and it will never go out of style. The fonts in this style are not as bold and fun, instead, it is romantic and cozy.
  3. Disco Style – This type of fonts remind us of groovy disco time. The fonts is bold and fun. The character is thick and curvy. Seeing these fonts will create the sense of fun and happiness for the readers for sure.
  4. Dynamic Lettering – Dynamic Lettering trend is when the fonts are designed to create a illusion of movement. The creator use lines, shadows, or fluid shapes to do so. This trend of fonts suggest the bold and sporty feeling. Dynamic lettering can be compatible with music, dance projects and brands as well.
  5. Standout Letters – Standout Letters trend fonts will have some letters that are non-uniform. It is intended to make the texts standout more with weird letters. This type of fonts are most used in logos and graphic design. With one standout letter, the brand will be recognized more vividly.

Best Fonts for Websites in 2021

Here are some 2021 top picks of best fonts for websites.

1. Sergio Trendy

Source: Fontbundles

This font is one of the disco style fonts. It gives out the feeling of fun and the characters are cute with a sprinkle of modernism mixed with the curviness and thickness of disco.

On your websites, this font could be used as icons, logos, or headlines.

2. Far Out!

Source: Fontbundles

Far Out! is another member of disco style fonts. It screams ‘disco’ even louder than Sergio Trendy. Giving more lively and youthful character for your brand.

On your websites, this fonts could be on headline, icons, and logos just like Sergio Trendy.

3. Baltimore Typewriter

Source: Fontbundles

Baltimore Typewriter is one of the fonts the follow typewriter style trend. This fonts is simple, minimal, and not to hard to read.

On your websites, Baltimore Typewriter can be in the headline or even the shorter contents.

4. Arkland Monoline Shadow

Source: Fontbundles

Arkland Monoline Shadow is in a solid shadow family. This font is a calligraphy combine with solid shadow trend. It gives out the retro and vintage atmosphere.

This font is best to be used as logos, icon, or labels. It is not suitable for a longer text.

5. Machiato Monoline

Source: Fontbundles

Machiato Monoline is a handwritten font. It is casual, cozy, and warm. Hand written fonts usually make the reader feel more connect and engage with the brand. It says that your brand is friendly and approachable while still keep the image of modernness and elegence.

This fonts could be used as a headline or shorter texts such as brand’s motto or gaols.

6. Wild Mango

Source: Fontbundles

Wild Mango is a chic and modern font. It is suitable for brand that see themselves as free-spirit. It is fun and stylish. Wild Mango is unique and will definitely make the visitors remember your brand better.

It can be use as logos, lebels, covers, and headlines.

7. Minimalist

Source: Fontbundles

Minimalist font is easy to read and can be use for any purpose on the websites. It is clean, simple, and easy on the eyes while still have an element of fun to it.

8. Brown Austin

Source: Fontbundles

Brown Austin is another one of minimalistic fonts. It is a combination of minimalistic trend and geometric. It gives the sense of fashion, elegence, clean, and modern.

This font can be used many ways on the websites including logos, lebels, headlines and any words or texts that need to standout.

Wrapping Up

Now, you know the reasons why you should consider about fonts more. You have the basic knowledge of fonts trend and the best fonts for different brand personalities. After this, you can design and better your websites easily by just picking the right fonts. Keep in mind that the best fonts are ones that convey and enhance your brand image the best.

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