Best Minimalist Website of 2021

Minimalist website are everywhere this year, but only some catches our eye. Here are our top picked minimalist website of 2021 from Viva One Digital. Before you consider making a minimalist website yourself, be sure to understand the advantage of using a minimalist website design and other designing tips to use to create minimalist websites.

Let’s take a look at these websites!


minimalist website - swissdent
source: Swissdent

Swissdent website choose to work with three colors rule which is the ideal combination for minimalist website. They use only three colors : black, white, and red. They use the brighter color to draw attention from the visitors. They also use lots of negative space to give their tag line a floor.

Swissdent added gimmick of tilted texts to give site visitors unexpected experience. They also keep visitors navigated by showing clear and easy to spot navigation bar at the top right corner. This websites is a great example of how to use blank spaces to brand’s benefit.


minimalist website - Storee
source: Storee

Storee use a full screen image as their background and keep the icons black and white. This way, the website stay simple and easy to the eyes. Storee play with their texts by using different fonts and sizes to create hierarchy of the contents. They also use negative space as well since it is the most important rule of minimalist website design.

Storee use a well designed and high quality minimalist image. It is important for minimalist websites to use minimalist images in order to keep all the elements on the web page coherent. Plus, their images tell the story of what the brand offers. Storee picked the color palette that is natural and minimal, which goes well with the brand and the website.

Lone Palmus

minimalist website - Lone Palmus
source: Lone Palmus

Just by one glance, anyone can tell that this website is extreme minimalist. Lone Palmus utilize a lot of negative space. It makes the website simple and not looking heavy. Apart from using a lot of blank space, they use only a few neutral colors to make the website minimal and coherent.

However, some might think that there are too much blank space and might make it hard to find the main menus and other elements, but The designer use lines to guide site visitors’ eyes to where the menus are.


minimalist website - craile
source: Craile

Craile use a very minimalist and classy to show off their products. It gives visitors the chance to be impressed by the products and nothing else. They use a benefit of the negative space to highlight the bag well. You can see that Craile use black and white as main colors to put all the attention at the products. The font at use you is also follow the minimal style, the font is thin and flat, no shadow nor bulkiness.

They use combination of Z-shape layouts and negative space to guide the visitors’ eyes, starting from their logo to main menus then go down across the picture and move to the menus at the bottom line. What a smart and simple way to design a minimalist website.

Bombey Design Centre

source: Bombey Design Centre

Bombey Design Centre’s website has more elements on their page than previous websites, but it still is a minimalist website. You can still see the use of negative space which is the key component of minimalist website design.

This website show the use of playful fonts, they use more simple font for main menus and use the more fancy font for the headline. They keep the color palette super simple with black and white with yellow as highlight. Which will give spotlight to brand’s work.

Tomas Than

minimalist website - tomas than
source: Tomas Than

Tomas Than website use full screen photo layout to show their product. The image they use is simple and true to their brand personality. They choose to use a simple font to create simplicity across the product image which also help build brand recognition. They set the main menus up top to create more space and draw attention to image product. Apart from the image, the only color they use is white. Assure the minimalist design of website.


minimalist website - megafauna
source: Megafauna

Megafauna is a minimalist website that standouts among thousand of minimalist websites. As you can see, this website is using very bold color in their web design, but it still keep the minimalistic factors to the website. They balance the heavy color by using a lot of the negative space.

The reason that this bold website color can be considered as minimalist website is that they only use three colors. The black and white will balance the boldness of neon color. They use neon color to highlight the important parts of the website.


minimalist website - atolla
source: Atolla

Atolla website use a cute, natural, and minimal color palette. It tells the characteristic of the brand and also easy for the eyes. They also use different fonts for headlines and other text such as menus and CTAs button.

Atolla provides the navigation bar at the top line, gives more space for other elements. They use big image but still give lots of negative space since the image is also follow the minimalist trend.


minimalist website - anti
source: Anti

Anti website use black and darker colors in their design. It gives off the minimalist and mysterious feeling. The website is very simple, the image on one side and text on another. The menus bar is hidden in a clickable button.

Use can see that this website use negative space in every elements, each block have lots of space. The websites do not seem heavy even if they are very dark. They use bold and elegance fonts for the brand’s name and simpler font for the caption.

Eiktyrne Whisky

minimalist website - eiktyrne whisky
source: Eiktyrne Whisky

Eiktyrne website is super minimalist website. There are only two things that standout on the web page, product and headline. They use a high quality image of the product and simply write down the copy along side the product. A few clickable CTAs are provide for the customers to buy and learn more about their brand. The menus bar are hidden and can be click to show the full menus.

They use white text on black background to create a luxury experience for the brand and product. They did not use too many color other than the product itself. This brand show case their product while keeping it classy, luxury, and minimal.

Wrapping Up

These are all the best minimalist website of 2021. You can see that the tips and trick that they use are pretty much the same. What set them apart from each others are creativity and uniqueness of each brands. Use these websites as inspiration to better your own website design.

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