Where do you come up with good website name ideas?

Coming up with a website name or domain name can be tricky when starting a website. We are here to help you with generating website name ideas. Let’s explore some tips to choose a website name.

In this website name ideas guide, Our website design agency will cover the overview of domain names, how to come up with good business names and how to get great website name ideas.

What is a domain name?

website name ideas / domain name
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A domain name is simply a website name. It is what comes after ‘www.’ in your website address. For example, google.com, wikipedia.org, or viva.one, are all domain names. As you can see, it is usually the name of the company. When people type your domain name in their web browser, they will get to your website. The domain name is like the address that helps people access your website on the internet. 

Moreover, you can see that their domain endings or domain extensions are different. This means that there are various domain endings that you could use. As you may notice, the most common domain ending is .com, but there are many more top-level domains like .net, .co, .org, etc. Some domain endings have a specific purpose such as .edu for educational institutes or .gov for government’s sectors. 

Apart from domain endings mentioned above, there are lots of newer and more creative domains as well. for example, there are .photography, .blog, and even .pizza

If you wonder how to get the domain name, visit our blog on web hosting to find out more.

How to come up with good business and website name ideas?

As mentioned before that website name ideas usually come from the names of each brand. If not, it will be something related to the brand. If you already have your business name, you may skip to the next section. Now, for those who still struggle with naming your business. Let’s take a look at how to come up with the business name first. 

The first step in coming up with a name for your business is to get to know your brand better. I am sure you know your business, but what you need is the branding. You need to explore the brand’s identity further. answer questions like what kind of personality does my business have, what tone of voice does it have, and how would you like the customers to view you. You can set your brand to be playful, cheeky, fun, serious, or professional.

Your brand personality can suggest the brand name, for instance, if you set the brand personality to be playful, you can use pun or play of words in your brand name. In the same fashion if your brand is more serious, you will avoid choosing funny or catchy names for the brand.

Now, to come up and choose your brand name, you will want to make it related with what you do or what you sell. It will help people to know what your brand is about. For example, if you offer cleaning services, you can include the word “cleaning” in your brand name. Brand names should be short and concise. It should be something simple, easy to pronounce and spell, and easy to remember. Most importantly, the brand name should be unique, and you need to make sure that it is not associated with other brands since it might lead to legal issues. 

Also, do not be too specific when naming your business. Your business is like a person, it is supposed to grow bigger as time goes by. So, you should use broader words related to the field as your business name in case you plan to expand your business in the future.

If you are stuck and cannot come up with the business name, you can use helpful tools like brand name generators, thesaurus, or dictionaries to help you gain some ideas. In addition, you could try some wording tricks like rhyming words, using acronyms, using foreign words, or even play with the spelling of the words. For example, Toy-R-Us, Tumblr, and Fricklr, are spelling words incorrectly on purpose to make brand names.

Plus, it is always a good idea to have others’ inputs. Having your team brainstorming together will help bring you new, fresher, and creative business and website name ideas. If you can come up with the name by yourself, you could ask for others’ opinions as well. It may help by giving some suggestions that can improve your ideas further too.

brainstorming is one way to come up with website name ideas
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How to perfect website name ideas

Now that you have brand names planned out, you just need to make it into website name ideas. It is common to use your brand name as a website name. However, if your brand name is long and hard to remember, you might want to alter it a bit to be shorter and more concise

If you do not want to use your business name as a website name, you could use keywords of your products and services instead. For example if you offer catering services in Thailand, Your domain name could be “cateringinthailand.com” or something similar. This trick will help future customers find you easier and faster.

Also, in the domain name, you should not use hyphens (-) and numbers. Since it is associated with spam websites. I can also confuse the customers and make them go to the wrong website as well. Another thing to do in coming up with website name ideas is avoid the double letters. Double letters are one thing that will confuse people the most. 

Domain endings are also an important part as well. You should consider domain ending as well. As we discussed, the .com domain is the most popular domain. It has the most credibility and the most competition. So it is always good to use a .com domain. However, you can still use other domain endings as well. If the name you want is taken on a .com domain, you can always switch to .net or other domains. 

With domain endings, you can be more creative with your website name ideas as well. Take our website as an example, our domain name is ‘viva.one’ from the name ‘Viva One Digital’. You can see that we make our website name shorter and more fun by using the domain ending as a part of the name. 

After perfecting your website name ideas, you will need to check the availability of domain names. You need to check if the name you come up with is already registered or is reserved by any company or not. You can do this on government websites or just simply search the name in search engines or social media sites. Website that sell domains like Bluehost usually have a tool for checking the avaibility of the domain names as well.

website name ideas / check the avaibility of the domain name

Final thoughts

Coming up with website name ideas is an important process. It may make you feel pressure and uneasy since you need to do a good job, since it will stick with your brand for a long time. But actually, it can be a fun process as well. You could do it with your team or friends, and it allows you to explore many options and use your creative side as well. Plus, it is the process that helps you take a second look at your brand as well. It is a good opportunity to rebrand or set a clear direction for your brand as well.

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