What Are Dropped Domains and Why Are They Your Opportunities?

Dropped domains are the opportunities for your brand, let’s find out what is dropped domain, how it can benefit you, where to find them, and how to choose the good dropped domains.

In this article, our web design agency is here to help learn about dropped domains and master how to choose the great one for you. 

Dropped domains is the new opportunity for a new brand, it is the shortcut to fast success. But it is not that easy to find the good one, keep reading to find out why.

dropped domains are expired domains
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What are dropped domains?

Domains are usually registered for a certain amount of time, the dropped domains are ones that have not been renewed by the domain owners. It is the domains that are expired, abandoned, or deleted. It could be that the brand has been closed down or rebranded. When the domains are not active for too long after the expiration of the registration, they become dropped domains. These dropped domains will be up for auctions or get resold. 

How can dropped domain names benefit you? 

Using dropped domains gives you opportunities both to grow your business and for investment purposes.

The first and obvious benefit that you could get from buying dropped domains is that you can build a high-authority website in an instant. It is like a shortcut for your brand’s website to get to the top of the search result page quickly and easily. 

Also, you will already have a good amount of backlinks and traffic in your hands the first day your website launches if you use the dropped domain. 

Next benefit is that when you put up new projects, new products, or new promotions, more people will see them quickly since your websites rank at the top.

Another benefit of the dropped domains is that you can buy these dropped domains for reselling purposes. You can make a profit by selling these dropped domains to others. You can sort out and buy the cheap with good domain names and resell them with higher prices. Or If you have any, you could sell your own unused domains as well.

Where to find dropped domains?

There are many places where you can find the dropped domains, let’s take a look at some of them. 

There are websites and platforms that allow you to search for and buy the dropped domains. Namely, there is GoDaddy Auctions which is a go-to place to find the dropped domains. GoDaddy Auctions will tell you which domains will expire, how many people are in the auctions, as well as the information about the domains. 

If you are not using domain auction websites, you can search for the domain that will be dropped, and contact the current owner to buy the domain directly from them. You could specify the domains that you are interested in, it could be the domain names that are in your company field or one of your competitors. 

You can also use SEO analysis tools to look at the domains’ performance and data to help you help and choose the dropped domains as well.

What to look for in dropped domains?

There are several criteria to consider before buying dropped domains. We will go through all the aspects that you need to look into when choosing a dropped domain name together.

Domain name is the important aspect of choosing dropped domains
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  1. The domain names

The name of the domain should match well with your company. It should suggest the field of your expertise. It should also be short and concise. Plus, it should not have any hyphen (-) in the domain name. 

  1. The age

The age of the dropped domains is also important. You do not want to buy a year old dropped domain since it is almost the same as buying a new domain name. The older domain name comes with more domain authority which leads to better ranking on search engines.

  1. The history

The history of the dropped domains really matters. You need to check carefully before buying the domains that it has never been used for spam content. Make sure that the domains are not used to post unsafe and duplicate content. Also, it should not have the history of keyword stuffing as well. Lastly, check if the domains have been hacked or used for hacking or not as well. Choose the dropped domain that posted good quality content for better result for your brand.

To do this, you can use SEO analysis tools to do so. You will be the detective, investigating the domain’s history to avoid buying the bad domains. This spam behavior on the domain will affect the page and domain authority. Domains with low authority will not rank well and will not be seen by many people. It will hurt your company if you choose the wrong domain. 

  1. Domain authority and trust

Domain authority and trust comes together. Usually the dropped domains will have authority compared to the new domains. You want to choose the dropped domains that have high domain authority and trust, it will help your website rank better. It will make launching new projects easier for your brand too. To check the domain authority, you can still use the SEO analysis tools as well.

  1. Quality backlinks

To rank well on search engine search result pages, backlinks are one of the most important factors. Just getting lots of backlinks is not enough. It should be backlinks from trustworthy websites. The backlinks from spam or unreliable websites will cause negative effects on the ranking of your website. You will need to use SEO-analysis tools to check the backlink quality of the domain before buying them.

  1. High volume and high quality traffic

In the same fashion as backlinks, the dropped domains should have high search traffic in order to rank well on search engines since high traffic volume brings high domain authority. If the dropped domain that you choose has high traffic volume, the effect of that traffic and authority will continue working for your brand’s website.

  1. Google AdSense ban and blocklist

This aspect is to check whether the dropped domains had been banned or blocklisted by the Google AdSense which is the most popular advertising platform or not. If you are planning to promote your website with Google, you should not buy the domain that is banned, since you will not be able to do so.

  1. Google index status

Check if your dropped domains have been penalized manually by Google or not. The domains that are penalized by Google will not show in the search results. If you search the dropped domain names on Google and it shows the websites from that domain, you can be sure that the domain is not penalized and is good enough to use.

  1. Trademark

Lastly, before purchasing the dropped domains, you should check if the domain names are associated with any trademark or not. If it is, do not use that domain. You do not want to be sued and deal with legal issues with any brand. It will be a waste of time and money. It also will tarnish your reputation as well. 

Final Thoughts

Choosing and using dropped domains is beneficial but also risky. There are many aspects to look for and to reassure. But with careful consideration and thorough investigation, finding the right dropped domains is not too hard to accomplish. If you are planning to buy a dropped domain, follow our guide to help you cross out the spam and tarnish domain.

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