Essentials to Designing Contact Page for Your Website

Let’s talk about contact pages and the essentials of contact page design. Viva One Digital, Bangkok web design agency, will tell you what to have and how to perfect the contact us page on your website.

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What is contact page

Contact page or contact us page is one of the must have pages for your website. It is where the website’s visitors and customers can get in touch with the brands. It’s purpose is to accommodate the site’s visitors to be able to contact you easily. It is where you state how and where site’s visitors can contact you. It is a part of the customer service and support.

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What to consider when designing contact page

Now, let’s see what you need to consider when designing a contact page:

There are a few aspects that you should think about when designing a contact page. Considering these aspects will help you have the best contact page for both your customers and your websites.


You want to make sure that the contact us page is easy to find and access. You should have the button for the contact page on every page of your website. Most importantly, you need the contact page button on the homepage, which is mostly the first page people will see. In addition,  no matter where the menus to contact us page are, they need to be visible and easy to spot.  

Visitors needs

The next thing to consider is what the site’s visitors or the customers will need to know or need to do on your contact page. Since customers are the most important people to your business. Considering their needs is always a good idea. 

Your websites design

Another thing that you will need to consider is the overall design of your website. Just like other pages on your website, the contact us page needs to have similar design. Start with keeping the colors and fonts the same. It will be even better if you can keep the tone of voice the same as other pages on the website as well.

Important information

This might be the most important aspect of this page. It is to make sure you list every important details of your contact information on the website. That information might include email address, phone number, social media, address, embedded map, and etc. If you have many teams or persons responsible for each part of the support services, you will want to include every teams’ contact information too.

Easy to understand captions

The last thing to consider is the caption or the explanation on the contact us page. You should be straightforward and concise. If the customers need to follow any instructions to contact you, make sure it is easy to follow and clear so that every one could understand.

What to do on contact page

In this part, we will discuss two main ways that contact us pages are designed, what to include on the contact page, and how to do each component right.

Contact form versus Email address

There are two main ways to design the contact us page. The first method is to just state your email and others contacting ways such as phone number and social media sites. Another way is to provide a contact form on the contact us page which the site’s visitors can fill out immediately. 

The benefits of giving an email address is that it is very easy to do, you only need to provide your email address one the contact page or the footer of the webpage. However, it is like leaving all the work to the customers, it is almost like you did not help them at all. Also it does not work in encouraging the customers to contact you as well. 

On the other hand, if you provide a smart contact form that allows people to submit their issues on your website, they are more likely to contact you. It is much easier for the customers, making things easier for the customers is always a good way to impress them. Plus, it is not too hard to accomplish. Also, the fact that they do not need to write an email to you, and be able to fill in the form within a minute is far more encouraging and inviting. It also looks more professional too.

The essence of a contact page is to have the site’s visitors reach out to you. which is why you want to make them feel welcomed and feel free to contact you. Thus, providing the easiest way for them to contact you is the way to do so.

What you should have on contact page

Email address and Phone number 

These two things are basic contact information that you should provide for the users. You should provide business email addresses and phone numbers for the associated teams such as customer services and sales department for a quick and easy way to contact the right responsible team.

Contact form

Apart from the email address and phone number, smart contact form is a must. In the contact form, you will ask only the necessary information such as name, email address, and reasons for contacting. If you can anticipate the common issues that people will be contacting you for, you can have them choose from one of the issues as well. It will save time and make it easier for your team to distribute work too.

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Links to FAQs

Another thing that you could include on the contact us page is links to frequently asked questions pages. Some issues might already have answers provided on the FAQs page. It will give the opportunity for the users to look up the FAQs page for the solutions of their issues before contacting the team for faster answers. 

Links to social media

In addition to email address and phone number, links to social media pages of your business is a good thing to include as well. It provides more ways for the customers to contact you. The main social media sites that you should link to are Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Line Official Accounts.


Call-to-Actions is the great way to encourage the users to contact you. Tell them why they should contact you and what they will get from filling in and submit a form. This will make it easier for the users to make a decision whether to contact you or not.

Introduce your team

Another thing that you could do to make the customers feel familiar and safer to contact you is to introduce the person in the customer service team. Introducing the name and attaching the photo of the staff member that they will be working with is another great way to build trust between the customers and brand as well.

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Final thoughts

Contact page is another important page for both your website and your business. It is one of the landing pages that many people visit to find more information about the brand. It is also the page that will bring opportunities to your business. More customers and companies will use this page as a way to connect with you. Designing a contact page is not hard at all, you just need to consider important aspects of building the contact us page and keep in mind that you are designing this page for customers.

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