Getting to Know UX and UI: What Set Them Apart?

Nowadays when talking about web designing, the terms “UX and UI design” often appear more and more everywhere web designing exists. This trend become one of the keys to successful web design that every company wants to achieve. Having the best online presence can guarantee that your target audiences or potential customers will get the best experience they ever have. 

For that reason, before you can your expected website, the first step is you should understand what UX and UI are. How is it important for web design? And What is the difference between them? To clear all of your confusion, VIVA One Digital is here to enlighten you about this trendy knowledge, helping you to utilize your website as you please.

In this article:

  1. What is UX?
  2. What is UI?
  3. The Difference between UX and UI
  4. Final thought

What is UX?

UX” is an abbreviation for “user experience”. The main point of user experience is how website users interact with the website, focusing on the easiness, smoothness, and experience from using the website. Plus, the journey of website users is also another focal point in UX design. Web design has to design an easy-to-use website and create satisfying experiences for the end-users.

To have a website with a good UX design, all of the users’ experiences and expectations are a good source of information for the designer. If the UX designers have familiar experience with the users’ experience, it can be a good sign that the way to captivate the users’ hearts is not far away.

However, it will turn into a difficult task immediately if the UX designer does not understand the experiences users expect. The solution to this problem is the designer has to try to design an interaction from logical thinking, making sure the designed interactive will be common and not too different from the traditional experience. User research is a popular method when designers meet this obstacle. Since UX design is user-centered design, the research can let the designers explore the behaviors and possible expectations from the website users. It gives you a big image of what they want and how you should design.

To say, UX design or user experience design is designing the experience a user has after using the website or service. If UX design is to design the journey, then what can you see while journeying on the website? That is the counterpart of UX and we are going to talk about this in the next section.

UX and UI

What is UI?

Although your website is very easy-to-use and has many effective functions, if you cannot meet some aesthetic expectations from the end-users, your website will not be complete in terms of good web design. Another element that many web designers are concerned with along the user experience is UI or User Interface.

The definition of user interface or UI design is the process of designing the surface and overall feeling when the user interacts with the website. UI designers have to know how they will present the website without creating stress for the users. In terms of UI design, the uncomplicated and pleasurable website design is the final goal. Since the interface is where you and your target audience meet each other, with good UI design, you can easily provide tremendous satisfaction directly to the end-users, increasing the returning chance of those users next time.

In UI design, the designers often pay extra attention to how the website will look like. They use every element, a screen, font size, color, button, menus, and so on, on the website to reinforce the feeling and emotion when the users come to the website. Consequently, the rich-in-emotion interface of the user interface is what every designer tries to achieve.

The aesthetics of a website is not only what UI designers want but also the usefulness of those aesthetic elements which will help in conveying the message in your website. The UI design is like creating a road sign on the website, giving direction to the users. If the road sign effectively conveys the meaning of itself, that means you can successfully guide your users in the right direction.

For that reason, a good website design needs to have UI for fulfilling the UX functions. Appealing and user-friendly interfaces can ensure you that your end-user will not get lost in your website.

UX and UI

The Difference between UX and UI

After you read the information about UX and UI, we believe that the difference between UX and UI seems to be more obvious. UX acts like the outline of the website, thinking about how it works perfectly without creating any tension between the end-user and the website. While UI designing will help the concept from UX designing come to life. It works together to make the website become user-centered and create a striking user experience.

All in all, The concept of UX and UI is the combination of sciences and art. The UX will not be complete without UI as well as UI cannot be present with the UX design. They are just different steps in the good design process, increasing the efficiency of the website. That is the reason why this concept become more trendy nowadays as many people access websites and do their own things.

Final Thoughts

UX and UI is the mainstream concept of designing in every aspect. It receives a significant role in the effective web design process. That is no doubt why every time you search on the internet about design. The word “UX and UI” will pop up everywhere. 
And, that is all for “Getting to Know UX and UI: What Set Them Apart”. Are you still interested more in web design? Please check out our blog for more interesting ideas.

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