How to Make Social Media Presence in 2021

If you are a newer business that wants to make your social media presence, Viva One Digital has provided the guide for you to be present and stand out among others.

Social media has become a very important part of marketing for every business. If you are still hesitant or not knowing how to start and to do well on social media. We are here to help. 

These are things we are going to talk about:


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What is social media presence

Social media presence is not just having an account and being on the social media platform. Social media presence deals with how visible and well received the brand is on social media. It is the connection between the brand’s sites and the audience of each social media. Social media presence is also concerned about providing good content that has been created and designed for a specific target audience as well.

Social media presence can be measured by social media engagement rate, number of followers, brand awareness, and how people see your brand. However, there are no metrics or scales used to measure social media presence.

Why should you be present on social media

To be on social media is to make your brand be known. It also is the platform for you to connect with your customers. However, it would be better than just “being on social media” if your brand has a strong social media presence

Social media presence not just helps you connect with your customers, but also improves your brand’s customer service as well. It helps improve your customer service because it gives you a chance to communicate with customers quickly and directly.

Social media presence keeps you and your customers connected. It gives you opportunities to engage with your customers. Engaging with your customers on social media gives you the chance to know their feedback and recommendations while also gaining more clicks, shares, likes, and comments to help with the social media engagement rate as well. 

And most importantly, social media presence helps you reach more people, more potential customers. Which will then drive more traffic to your websites and social media sites.

What make good social media presence

To have a great social media presence, there are many things to be considered and done right.  Let’s look at tricks and tips to improve your social media presence.

Know your audience

First up, the foundation of everything done for marketing, the research. Before jumping into making content and posts. The first thing you need to do is to study your audience. Ask yourself, how are my audience, who are my customers, what do they like, and many more questions that will get you enough information about your audience. 

Doing the customer research will help you identify the goals and objectives of your social media marketing. It can tell you which social media platforms are best for your brand. It will also help you come up with the content that matches your audience needs and preferences as well. 

Choose the right social media platforms

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Choosing the right social media platforms really does matter. Each social media platform has its own uniqueness and ability to attract different audiences. 

When choosing a platform for your brand, you need to consider at least two aspects. The first aspect is the type of content that you want to post and the second aspect is the demographic data of your audience and the users of each platform. 

Each platform has its own perks and limitations. Some platforms work best with text content, while others work best with visual content like pictures and videos. If you will be creating longer written content, you might want to invest your effort in Facebook, but if you will be creating video content, YouTube, Instagram, or TikTok may be a better option.

Considering demographic data of your target audience such as age, gender, and where they live will help you figure out which platforms match your needs.  For example, if your business targets people around the age of 24-35, Instagram will work well for your brand. If you are aiming for older ages, Facebook will be a better fit. 

Set clear goals 

Now, to be successful in improving your social media presence, you need to set clear goals of what you want to achieve from social media. Use the SMART goals concept to guide you through setting concrete and worthwhile goals.

SMART are from Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, and Time-bound. 

  • Specific is to indicate what you want to achieve, and which platform.
  • Measurable is to identify how you are going to measure your success. 
  • Achievable is to make sure your goal is not too far from reach. 
  • Relevant is to make sure the goal is worth working for, make sure it will benefit your business.
  • Time-bound is to make a commitment and set the deadline for your goal.

Example of SMART social media goal could be “To increase Instagram engagement rate by 15% by the end of next month” 

Plan your content

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Content is the king of online marketing. If you want to attract people and keep being their favorite sites, you need high quality content. But how to make that happen?

Thousands of content are posted on social media every day. To make sure your content is worth reading, you want to have relevant, valuable, and interesting content for your audience. Keep in mind that the most important thing is the audience. Remember that you are creating the content for them.

Creating content is not easy, but it is also not too hard if you have a good guideline to follow. Content creation process will make your content relevant, attractive, interesting, and structured. It makes sure you will never run out of content to post. 

Content creation process will help you identify the audience’s needs, coming up with ideas for content, planning the content schedule, and more. Learn more about content creation to achieve valuable content.

Stay true to the brand personality

Another tip to get a good social media presence is to be consistent with your brand’s voice and personality. When your brand is unique and stays true to the brand personality, the audience will be attracted to your brand’s social media sites. 

When posting and replying to the social media audience, you should maintain the same tone of voice, level of language, and level of friendliness and professionalism, especially if there are more than one person taking care of the social media account.

Engage your audience

Another thing you should do is trying to engage your customers and potential customers. As we discuss above that one way to measure social media presence is to look at social media engagement rate. And to get more engagement on social media, you need the content and activities that the audience can engage with.

Try asking questions, making polls, or creating challenges for the audience to participate in. These types of posts work well in engaging audiences. And also give you the opportunity to learn more about your audience behaviors and preferences as well. 

Consistently posting

Another important thing to do when doing social media marketing is to be consistent. You need to post regularly. Consistency shows professionalism and hard working aspects of the brand. It builds trust between your brand and followers.

Posting consistently needs to be balanced, you want to post regularly but not posting too much and flood the whole page with your post. Since over-posting could be irritating. If you are not posting consistently, the followers might lose interest and unfollow or not interact with your brand’s posts.

Follow the trend but make it yours

It is a great idea to be up-to-date and follow the current trends and situations. Making posts and contents around these trends will help you attract a larger audience. You just need to pick the right trends and make them unique by adding the element of your brand identity and personality to it.

Take notes from the customers

What could be the best way to improve your brand social media presence performance if not listening to your audience. The audience are the ones you want to please, so you should definitely get their feedback and comments if you can. Of course, social media is the place to do that. 

Comments from the audience will help you with making more relevant and valuable content that will surely match the needs of your audience, since they are recommending them. It helps your social media site grow its engagement rate while giving you chances to learn more about your audience. It gives you an opportunity to improve your brand in every way possible, product developing, customer service, and content creation.


Social media presence is how well your social media site is seen. It helps build brand awareness and authority. There are many factors that you should not miss when building social media presence including finding the right social media, creating good content, and run it with audience’s satisfaction in mind.

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