How to Use Pop Ups Effectively on Your Website

Pop ups are used widely on almost every website, but do you ever wonder why they are so popular? Viva One Studio is here to tell you everything you should know about using pop ups on websites.

In this article, we will discuss what pop ups are, their benefits, types of pop ups, as well as what to do and not to do when using pop ups on your website.

What are pop ups?

Pop ups are pieces of information and other promotional materials that appear on top of the website content to attract and grab the attention of the site visitors quickly and easily when they come into the website.

Pop ups usually include a Call-to-Action (CTA) that encourages people to take the desired action such as sign up, subscribe, or other actions that contribute to the set marketing goals.

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What to use pop ups for

Here are some goals that you can achieve by using pop ups.

Informational Alert

You can use pop ups to announce any news and updates from your brand to your clients and site visitors using the pop ups. This could be the place to announce new events, new activities, new launches, or closing notices.

 We recommend you keep the messages short and clear. If you wish to provide more information, create a link for the visitors to find more information on the other page instead.

Page Redirect

Using pop-ups for page redirect is when you ask if the visitors would like to go to the other page mostly to see related posts or products, or to complete some tasks such as donating, subscribing, or participating in any campaign.

The pop ups will provide ‘yes/no’ or ‘yes/yes’ choices where ‘yes’ choices will redirect the visitors to another page of the website. 

Lead Gaining

Using pop ups for lead gaining is to use to pop ups to ask and convince the visitors to sign up for opt-in email subscription in order to get their contact information for further marketing campaign

These pop ups will have the form for the visitors to enter their email addresses or other contact information needed.

Sign up / Log in

The pop ups can be used to ask the site visitors to log in to their accounts or sign up for an account if they haven’t signed up before. These pop ups usually state the benefit of logging in or just some encouraging messages.

Survey Form

If you need to conduct a survey with your site visitors, pop up is another great way to do so. Remember to keep it short and only ask the necessary questions.

Promotion / Coupon / Code

Pop ups can be used to give out promotion codes and coupons for the site visitors, this is a great way to win the heart of the visitors and to give back to the customers. You can also ask them to enter their email in exchange as a part of lead gaining as well. 

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Types of pop ups to use

Click pop ups

Click pop ups will appear when the visitor clicks on the assigned links, images, or words. It is considered the least intrusive form of pop ups.

Timed pop ups

Timed pop ups appear on a landing page or website after the visitor stays on the page for a designated amount of time such as 10 seconds, 30 seconds, or 60 seconds. This type of pop ups is quite tricky to work with, since you do not want to scare the visitors by showing pop ups too soon, and you also don’t want the pop ups to come out too late that the visitors had left.

Scroll pop ups

Scroll pop ups appear after the site visitor scrolls down the page for a certain percentage of the page length. This pop up type is similar to the timed pop ups.

Entry pop ups

This pop up is probably the most common type of pop up. Entry pop ups appear as soon as the visitors enter the website. People will see the pop ups before any other content on your website. Which can be quite dangerous if the visitors do not need the pop ups, it will end up irritating the visitors.

Exit pop ups

Exit pop ups appear when the visitor is about to leave the page to encourage them to stay longer, finish the buying processes and more. The CTAs need to be convincing and persuasive.

Dos and Don’ts of using pop ups

Do these:

  1. Place the pop ups carefully

The pop ups placement is very important. You need them to be clearly visible and attract the eyes, but you never want to cover up all of the screen since the visitors want to see your website content and they are not asking for the pop ups at all. You want the pop ups to be humble yet attractive.

  1. Time pop ups the right way

If you are using timed pop ups or scroll pop ups, you need to time the appearance of the pop ups carefully so that it does not get in the way of the visitors’ tasks on the website.

  1. Make changes to improve the results 

It is almost impossible to get everything right at the first time, you will need to adjust and make changes to the pop ups according to its performance report in order to have the pop ups that work best for your goal.

  1. Keep the pop ups simple

Simple is always better. Keep the pop up designs and messages simple. Make sure it is easy to read and understand at a glance.

Don’t do these:

  1. Don’t chase the visitors away with overwhelm pop ups
pop ups

Do not put too many pop ups on one page since it will overwhelm and drive the visitors away from your website.

  1. Don’t use a guilt trip to make the visitors feel bad

When you write the message for the pop ups, make sure you do not make them feel uncomfortable to say no. It will make the visitors feel uneasy to use your website and to be your clients.

  1. Don’t take over the mobile screen with pop ups

Remember that mobile search is now the major source of traffic. You must make sure that your pop up works well and looks great on mobile devices as well. And never let the pop up take up all the space of the screen. Follow Google’s guidelines for the best pop up customization.

Final Thoughts

Pop ups will be beneficial when used right. The main concern here is to make sure that your pop ups are not irritating but helpful for the visitors. One thing to keep in mind is to always set a clear goal of what you want to achieve by using pop ups, create the pop ups to make that happen and consistently optimize the pop ups for the best results.

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