Learn From the Best: 6 Award Winning Websites

Are you looking for inspiration for your website? Let’s see some best practice from the award winning websites. 

Designing a website could be tiresome when you run out of ideas or inspiration. Taking a look at some examples is always helpful. Viva One Digital, web design team, have collected award winning websites from many  to show you how to step up the design game.

There are many factors in website design. There are layout, colors, typography, web navigation, user friendliness, and much more. These examples may excel in some aspects, take what these award winning websites are doing great and adapt it to your own website’s style and objectives.  

Award winning websites in this article:

Award winning websites for desktop


award winning websites desktop 1/1
Zillow website

The first one on the list of award winning websites is Zillow. Zillow is a real estate website, you can see that they are using the big image as a background of the area before the fold to represent their business which is buying, selling, and renting houses.  They highlight the image by minimizing the menu bar into hidden menu icons and choose to use a smaller logo. However, even if they use a small logo, they make sure to place it in the great position which is the center of the top line.

Zillow put a search box in the middle of the homepage to both accommodate and convince the site visitors to search and look for houses on their website right away. What a clever way to use a search query. 

Let’s scroll down and look one more out of their best ideas.

award winning websites desktop 1/2
Zillow website

When you scroll down from the landing page, you will see three boxes that help guide the site visitors either buy, sell, or rent a home. This makes it easy for the user to find what they want and get their task done quickly and effortlessly. Zillow’s website really is user friendly.


award winning websites desktop 2/1
Power house website

Powerhouse’s portfolio website shows tons of pictures on their landing page, which could be confusing. However, these pictures are more meaningful than you think, since it is their real work, and each picture is linked to its own page where you can learn more about each project. Powerhouse sells their portfolio with gimmick since the pictures are not only clickable, but it is interactive as well, you can move around and zoom in to get a better view of each photo too. 

You can see that the website uses only white background and black text color in order to put all the attention on their works. Plus, there are only a few texts and two clickable texts that link to their about page, and another one is a menu for you to go to each project type. 

award winning websites desktop 2/2
Power house website

One more playful feature of this website is that when you hover over the types of projects in the menu, the picture of those projects will be highlighted. It is a great way to make people look at your work. You can say that Powerhouse truly knows how to sell their work, and they are afraid to do so.


award winning websites desktop 3
Superlist website

Superlist’s website uses a bold color background to contrast and ,somehow, highlight the interactive graphic in balck and the texts in with. They use bold colors with neutral colors instead of using many colors, this falls into the practice of minimalistic design. Use less color to create more impacts.

Superlist wants to have people subscribe to their email subscription, which is why they use black CTA button to draw the viewer’s eyes. They also place it where nothing can distract the eyes as well. They plan the layout and elements position well in order to guide the eyes and get people to do what they aim for.

Superlist chose to have a single page scrolling website. They take the site user through the website with a story from the start to the end. This website does not have too much information so a single page design works well for them. Also, this way, the viewer will never get lost on the websites and they will not need much navigation. This is why Superlist only has four menus on the website.


award winning websites desktop 4
Koox website

Koox’s website is light and pleasing to the eyes. They choose green to represent the organic and nature loving characteristics of the brand. This color palette also helps calm and capture viewers’ hearts as well. Another important aspect of Koox’s website is that they use unique graphics to represent their brand and products as well as decorating the websites and tell the brand’s values and story. 

The homepage is scrollable to present the features of their products. One thing that sets Koox’s website apart from other websites is that you can see that they have a navigation bar on top of the page and also the menu icon that did not list the same menus. The navigation bar on the top will take the viewer to about page, contact page, and to order their food, while in the hidden menu bar, you will find types of products they offer.

You can see that to put all the attention to the navigation bar on the top, Koox places their logo on the left side of the page instead, this also helps balance the design that places the hamburger icon on the right side as well. Koox may not position their elements like others, but that is what makes them stand out. Do you think this will work on your website?

Award winning websites for mobile

Since mobile friendly websites are a must these days, let’s take a look at award winning websites for mobile devices. 


award winning websites mobile 1
Bokaview website

Bokaview is real estate agency. Their website gives off the feeling of minimalistic with dark background, white lines and texts with the use of beautiful pictures to capture the attention of viewers. 

The menu icon is visible and noticeable, the layout and sizing of each element on the website is great and is easy to see and interact with everything. The website allows the user to zoom in and out perfectly without losing its definitions. They also use fonts that are easy to read and compliment the design and website style as well.

Bokaview provides a “Search property” button for the user to easily search for specific property they are looking for with lots of options and filters too. We can all agree that Bokaview’s website is user friendly and also mobile friendly.  

Waltz Creative Website

award winning websites mobile 2
Waltz Creative Website

Waltz Creative’s website plays with fun and bold colors. It excites and grabs attention really well. They also use interactive lines and shape to add gimmick and wow factor to the website design as well.

The logo is placed on the left corner and they utilize the logo’s color to put the spotlight on their texts too. The hidden menu bar is provided for better website navigation too. Their interactive elements that move and present more information when you scroll down offer a great and seamless experience for the users.   

Waltz Creative keeps the users navigated with the links to other pages as they introduce their features and a sticky menu icon that will always be on the top right corner at all times. The users can access the menu bar and go on to other pages easily this way. Waltz Creative really does take user friendliness and mobile friendliness seriously, as reflected on their website.

Final Thoughts

Each website has their star design or features. It is all different since design is art. Every website is beautiful and well designed for its purpose, and so should your websites. You do not need all of these good design practices to be on your websites. What you need is the element that will improve your website or the features that will help you reach the goals of the website.

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