Top 10 Most Used Hashtags for Instagram in 2021

Viva One Digital, web design Thailand will take you on a tour to see top hit hashtags for Instagram in the year 2021. Let’s see if you ever use these hashtags or not.

Instagram is now the social media platform that utilizes hashtags the most. Instagram users usually use several hashtags in one post.  Today we are going to take a look at 10 most used hashtags for Instagram in 2021. 

2021 Top Hashtags for Instagram

1. #love

The most popular and most used hashtag of the year is obviously #love. The hashtag “love” is used more than 2 billion times. This hashtag is used worldwide and used all years round. 

Both personal and business accounts love to use the #love. It goes well with almost every topic including lovers, family, pets, foods, and more. The #love is also popular in special occasions and festive seasons as well, especially on valentine’s day, pride month, and christmas.

Hashtags for Instagram

2. #fashion

The second on the most used hashtags for Instagram is #fashion. This hashtags might seem oddly specific, but considering the type of content posted on the platform by both personal accounts and business account that are the photo of themselves or clothing products, the #fashion should really be second on the ranking. 

Not only the fashion and clothing brand including magazines and other media company is using the #fashion, people also love showing off their outfits and more fashion related content, which is why the total #fashion used at 1 billion times. 

3. #photooftheday

The third most used hashtag for Instagram is #photooftheday (photo of the day). This hashtag become popular because many Instagram users love to post their photo everyday, which is why they come up with the #photooftheday. 

The hashtag #photooftheday is mostly used by personal accounts as well as pages, brands do not use this hashtag as often.

In this hashtag, you can find all sorts of pictures. It can be a post about food, fashion, selfie, nature, animals and a lot more, literally any photo the poster finds interesting and beautiful. Today total quantity of #photooftheday is at 971 millions.

4. #art

#art is the fourth most popular hashtag on Instagram, but why? Art is everywhere, and everything is art. This is why when people capture a good picture, they tend to upload them with #art. Also, a lot of artists, painters, illustrators and more are posting their works on Instagram, and of course, they will use the hashtag #art. 

#art now has more than 860 million posts on Instagram including posts and reels. Photographers, artists, as well as personal accounts are using this hashtag. Some brands also join in, mostly art galleries, art supplies, travel pages as well as fashion brands.

Hashtags for Instagram

5. #photography

Photography is another popular hashtag, since everyone can take pictures easily with their mobile phone. Photographing is not as exclusive anymore. Which is why a lot of people use #photography when posting a picture that they have taken.

#photography now has more than 830 million posts. The picture you will find in this hashtag is very various. You can find anything from portraits, nature, architecture, and more. You can also find reels about photography tips and tricks as well.

The people posting with #photography are mostly photographers and personal accounts as well as photography pages.

6. #beautiful

“Beautiful” is a word that is used to describe aesthetically pleasing things, and of course when people post things on internet, they are #beautiful. 

Today, there are almost 780 million posts with the #beautiful. In the hashtag #beautiful, you will find a lot of people’s portraits, natures, artworks, and many more. The accounts posting with this hashtag in the caption are everyone, personal accounts, influencers, and brands.

7. #instagram

Oddly enough, #instagram is the seventh most popular hashtag for Instagram. We are not really sure why #instagram is necessary, but a lot of people do use hashtag #Instagram when they post both pictures and reels. 

#Instagram has several types of posts including portraits, trends, events, foods, animals, and more. There are now more than 780 millions posts. 

8. #nature

People love travelling and escaping from the busy world into nature. And since the nature is so #beautiful, it is natural that we want to take some pictures and share them with people. 

In the #nature hashtag, most of the things you find will be the scenery of the mountain, oceans, waterfall, and other nature travelling spots. You will also see posts about wildlifes as well.

There are now over 680 millions posts with #nature on Instagram. Most of them are from personal accounts and nature friendly brands.

9. #picoftheday

The ninth hashtag of the most used hashtags for Instagram is #picoftheday (pic of the day). This hashtag has the same meaning and purposes as #photooftheday. It is for the people to post any pictures or videos they think is the best for them, or what they want to share for the day.

The users posting with this hashtag are mostly personal accounts. Brands do not participate in this hashtag as much. There are now more than 680 million posts using #picoftheday.

10. #happy

Let’s end our top 10 hashtags for Instagram on the best note possible. The last hashtag for today is #happy. Happiness is what people love to share, pass on, and sometimes show off to others.

When people decide to post anything on Instagram and social media in general, they are more likely to post about good things in their life rather than bad things. Which is why #happy is one of the most popular hashtags for Instagram. 

#happy has more than 660 millions posts. In the hashtag, you will find cute pictures of people and animals. People use this hashtag to share their great moments in life, religious quotes and ceremonies and more. Most of the posters are personal accounts.

Hashtags for Instagram

These are all ten of the most popular hashtags for Instagram in the year 2021. What do you think? Do you think these hashtags are really popular? and also, have you ever used these hashtags?

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