Top 6 E-commerce WordPress Theme 2021

Are you thinking of redesigning your e-commerce website? Let’s take a look at the top pick of the new release e-commerce WordPress theme of 2021. 

E-commerce websites are a must for every brand in this generation. One website building service that is well-known and widely used around the world is WordPress. WordPress has become the go-to choice for any brand that wants to effortlessly start their own e-commerce website since there are lots of plugins and themes available to choose from. These plugins and themes help you design and customize features for your e-commerce website.

If you are looking for a way to improve your WordPress website design easily, you are in good hands. Our web design company has selected 6 new release e-commerce WordPress themes for you, so you don’t need to scroll through thousands of themes yourself. 

In this article we are going to talk briefly about what a WordPress theme is, why you should use a WordPress theme, and our top picks for e-commerce WordPress themes. 

What is a WordPress theme?

WordPress themes are tools that allow you to change and customize the design and layout of your WordPress website. It changes the front-end of the websites. It changes what your site’s visitors or customers see. In a nutshell, the themes change the face of your website. 

The first look of your WordPress website is the default theme. The default theme will work just fine. However it might not suit all your brand’s needs and wants. And it will not look as good and attractive as well. Which is when a variety of WordPress themes come in. 

E-commerce WordPress themes can be found in both free and paid options. Also, free WordPress themes are just as good as the paid ones. There are many creators that create WordPress themes, you can find the themes from both third-party and also WordPress teams. Plus, most if not all of the recent WordPress themes are responsive, which makes your e-commerce website works well on every screen type including smartphones, tablets, and PCs. 

Each WordPress theme is designed for different types of website. E-commerce WordPress theme is just one of many. Some themes are designed for blog websites while some are designed for brand’s profiles.

Why should we use an e-commerce WordPress theme?

Now, let’s move on to the important question, why do we need an e-commerce WordPress theme. Here are some of the reasons why you should use an e-commerce WordPress theme. 

Time and cost saving

The first and very impressive perk of using an e-commerce WordPress theme is that it can help you save time and budget. It also helps cut the workload as well. 

Instead of spending time designing and creating elements for your website, using ready-made design like an e-commerce WordPress theme takes much less time and effort. Also, with hundreds of free themes that you can use, you can save lots of money and use them for other purposes like online marketing and customer service.

Attractive and outstanding designs

E-commerce WordPress themes help you accomplish great website design in an instant. Designing websites is not easy at all, it takes skills and practice to design a beautiful website. For those who do not have designing skills, e-commerce WordPress themes are the best shortcuts for having a well designed website. 

Website design is an important factor of any website including e-commerce websites. Having a website that looks good and outstanding will help attract people to visit and stay on your websites better. 

Also, website design is one way to showcase a brand’s uniqueness and personality. It will set you apart from competitors and makes people remember your brand better as well.

Great for beginners

An e-commerce WordPress theme is perfect for beginners and those who need help designing websites. It is very easy to install and customize. 

For those who just start working on websites, themes will help you out a lot. You do not have to have any knowledge about writing codes and creating websites at all. The WordPress theme will guide you through the process of installing and adjusting the design, so you do not have to worry at all.

Customizable designs

The last advantage of using an e-commerce WordPress theme is how customizable it is. Even if you use the same theme as others, you can still show your uniqueness by customizing the theme. You are able to change colors, fonts, and other elements of the theme to your liking. Also, you can easily can themes as many times as you want. This allows you to always stay up to date with the new trends and always impress the visitors with well designed website designs.

Top picks for e-commerce WordPress theme

Alluring eCommerce

e-commerce WordPress Theme : alluring
Alluring eCommerce from WordPress

Alluring eCommerce is an e-commerce WordPress theme that is designed to be clean and minimal. This theme works well with any types of products. This theme is designed with SEO in mind which makes it fully SEO optimized. Alluring eCommerce also is responsive, your website will work perfectly on any device’s screen. 

This theme allows you to showcase your products in grids, making it easy to spot by the visitor. It shows only a few products on the page to avoid confusion for the viewers. The design represents sophistication and calmness. The creator uses a flat design and highlights the important elements of the website with shadows and brighter colors.

Ecommerce Center

e-commerce WordPress Theme : ecommerce center
Ecommerce Center from WordPress

This e-commerce WordPress theme is perfect for lifestyle brands like fashion stores, home decoration stores, and others. The theme is designed to be mobile friendly and responsive for best performance on any screen type as well. 

The Ecommerce Center is designed with bright and trendy colors. The design represents happiness, moderness, and fun lifestyle. The layout allows you to present categories of your products and show the big picture to showcase your high-quality products.

Signify eCommerce

e-commerce WordPress Theme : signify ecommerce
Signify eCommerce from WordPress

Signify eCommerce is a minimalistic and simple e-commerce WordPress theme. It is designed to represent modern and chic brands. The layout that uses big pictures and small grids allows the brand to present more of their products in one page. The design is clean and straightforward as well. 

The creator of this theme uses lots of negative space and only a few colors to create a minimalistic design. The theme comes with many features and works well on every screen type. Also, if you use WooCommerce, this theme will work seamlessly with it. 


e-commerce WordPress Theme : ecommercefocus
EcommerceFocus from WordPress

EcommerceFocus is the e-commerce WordPress theme that is designed to represent elegance, sophistication, and mystery. The creator uses dark color background to lead viewers’ emotions. 

The theme works well with WooCommerce and can be displayed well on every screen size. It comes with all the features that you will ever need for an e-commerce website. 

eCommerce Star

e-commerce WordPress Theme : ecommerce star
eCommerce Star from WordPress

eCommerce Star is the e-commerce WordPress theme that is designed to work responsively and fast on every device. This is SEO friendly and has lots of features that helps you run your e-commerce website.

This theme design and layout are very modern and stylish. The layout represents modernism while still being straightforward and easy to use. The layout allows you to show many pictures and highlights the important ones. 

NewShop eCommerce

e-commerce WordPress Theme : NewShop
NewShop eCommerce from WordPress

This theme is perfect for any brand and product type. The design might be simple, however, the layout is perfect for selling lots of products. This theme comes with filter features that will help the customers find and select the products. 

The design of this theme uses fewer colors in order to keep the website easy on the eyes, since the layout uses up most of the spaces. This theme shows lots of products in one page, making the users excited and want to explore your online store more.

On the final note, all of the selected themes presented here are free themes and are compatible with WooCommerce and other famous e-commerce WordPress plugins as well. 

Final Thoughts

There are lots of e-commerce WordPress themes available on WordPress’ website. Choose the one that suits your brand’s needs the most and don’t forget to customize the theme to fit your brand the best as well. If these themes are not your style, trying to find a paid theme for newer and cooler designs is also a good idea.

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