What types of web hosting is best for you

Are you looking for a web hosting service for your business? Let our web design company help you learn more about types of web hosting and find one that suits your brand.

types of web hosting
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If you are looking for a web hosting service for your website, you may feel overwhelmed and confused by all the choices and types of web hosting services available. Our web design agency, Viva One Digital, is here to help you choose the best types of web hosting service for your brand’s needs. 

In today’s article, we are going to briefly discuss what web hosting is and types of web hosting with its advantages and disadvantages.

  • What is web hosting?
  • Types of web hosting
  • Final thoughts

What is web hosting?

Web hosting is crucial for every website. Without a web hosting server, the websites will never work nor display online. 

Web hosting is actions that web hosting service providers do to run and maintain the websites. Web hosting makes it possible for people to access the website through a web browser. Web hosting is to store files like codes, images, and other files in a server in order to make them viewable on the World Wide Web.

Not only that there are many different types of web hosting services, web hosting agencies also often offer different plans for their customers to choose from as well. To choose the right hosting plan and types, you need to know what you want your website to be and how much you are willing to pay for web hosting. 

Types of web hosting 

In this part, we will talk about seven types of web hosting service. We are going to discuss its characteristics, pros and cons, and also estimated price for different types of web hosting as well. 

Shared web hosting

As the name suggests, shared web hosting is when you use the servers that are shared with other websites. If you are just starting your business online, shared web hosting is recommended for you. 

Pros: shared web hosting is affordable. This is the cheapest one out of seven types of web hosting services. Also, it is easy to use and does not require any special technical background knowledge to use them.

Cons: since the server is shared, others websites performance will affect your website’s ability in some ways. Also, you only get a limited amount of storage space and will need to pay more as your website grows. Plus, there are bandwidth limits where your website can serve only a certain amount of traffic, which again, you need to pay extra to be able to take more traffic. However, this will normally won’t be an issue for newer websites. 

The cost of a shared web hosting service is around $5 – $20 per month. 

Reseller web hosting

Reseller web hosting is like shared web hosting where you can resell some spaces on the server. Reseller web hosting will come with the tools that allow you to resell them. It is perfect for those who plan to sell web hosting. 

Pros and cons of this web hosting type is similar to shared web hosting. However, reseller web hosting usually has some extra features like free website templates and technical support where the hosting company will take care of any technical issues. 

The estimated cost of the reseller web hosting is in the range of $15 – $50. The price will vary by storage limits and features.

Cloud based web hosting

types of web hosting cloud web hosting
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Cloud based web hosting is a newer technology for website hosting. Cloud web hosting is perfect for those websites that are growing fast and gaining more and more traffic. It is a great choice for websites that previously use shared hosting and needed to change due to the growth of your website.

Pros: cloud web hosting allows your website to work at a faster speed and receive more traffic. And more importantly, cloud hosting allows you to save money by using a pay-per-use pricing method.

Cons: since cloud hosting is the gathering of many servers, your website and other websites will share security responsibilities. Also, you need to have knowledge about the cloud for using this type of web hosting service.

As mentioned above, the price of cloud web hosting depends on the usage as they use a pay-per-use pricing model.

Virtual Private Server or VPS web hosting

VPS web hosting uses one physical server but performs as seperate servers. It is between the shared hosting and dedicated hosting server.  It is also another good choice for upgrading your website from shared web hosting. 

Pros: VPS is cost effective since you pay less for the hosting performance that is similar to dedicated web hosting. It provides stability and scalability for your website.  Also, you can install any software you want to your server since it works separately from other websites.

Cons: you as a website administrator will have to be responsible for software patches and security. Also, it requires technical expertise to install and manage VPS web hosting.

The cost for VPS web hosting service can be anywhere between $10 to $60  per month. 

Dedicated web hosting

Dedicated web hosting service is when you have your own physical server that you do not share with any other website. Dedicated server will be the highest level of web hosting you need for your online business.

Pros: with dedicated hosting, you get full control over your server. You will not need to worry about limited storage or other websites slowing down your website’s speed since you are the only website on the server. 

Cons: Dedicated servers cost a lot of money. It is the most expensive type of web hosting. You also need a team of experts to take care of your server regularly as well.

The price of the dedicated server is around $70 – $150 per month.

Colocation web hosting

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Colocation web hosting is when you rent the space in a colocation centre. The centre will provide you with electricity, internet, physical security, cooling systems, and other services that the server needs. You will be the one who brings your own server, software, data storage, and other maintaining tasks. 

Pros: colocation web hosting helps you with maintaining the physical servers, while you can still have full control over your server. It is good for businesses that do not have a big office to keep the big computers like physical servers. It is also a great choice for keeping your backup servers in case the main one is not working.

Cons: colocation web hosting is considered expensive for small businesses. Plus, it is hard to work with since it requires experts to manage and maintain the servers. Lastly, since it is in another location, you will need extra time and costs to visit the physical servers.

The price of this type of web hosting is around $45 – $300

Managed WordPress web hosting

Managed WordPress web hosting is the product of popularity of WordPress. It is perfect for new business and those who would like to use WordPress as a web building platform. 

Pros: Managed WordPress web hosting is affordable. It does not require any technical knowledge to use this since the hosting provider will take care of most of the work. 

Cons: It only works for WordPress websites.

The price for managed WordPress web hosting is an average of $15 – $60 per month.

Apart from WordPress, there are other managed web hosting available as well. For example, there are Managed VPS hosting, Managed cloud hosting, and managed shared hosting where the company will assist you with technical support. 

Final thoughts

Web hosting is the essential part of your website, you cannot avoid them, but you can choose the one that works best for your brand. The right types of web hosting will make your job easier and more efficient. Learn more about varied types of web hosting and web hosting plan and agency so you can make the most of your budget as well. 

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