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Facebook & Social Media Advertising

Facebook ads alone account for 18.4% of online spending. Combined with YouTube, LinkedIn, Twitter, and other platforms, social media advertising is powerful way to reach customers around the world.

The VIVA Difference

VIVA’s digital agency Bangkok is here to help build your social media ad campaigns from the ground up. We analyze ad costs per sale to maximize your profitability, and monitor the data to constantly refine its effectiveness and improve profits.

Audience Targeting

Your business has a precise target audience that wants your products or services. We help define them by finely tuned demographic profiles, including age, location, interests, income, and more.

This means your social media ads are specifically targeted and shown to the people most likely to bring more sales your way!

Ads Designed for Impact

The quickest way to turn a prospect away is to present them with a poorly designed social media ad. That’s why our design team crafts custom ads with expert visual talent and creative vision.

Social Media Remarketing

Bring customers back to your website with repeated social media advertising that reflects your unique brand. This heightens the chances of their taking action and bringing you new sales and higher conversions.


Who or what can I target with Facebook Advertising?+

The targeting within Facebook Ads allows advertisers to get very specific about who they want to see their ads. This allows advertisers to direct relevant messages to a specific group of people.

The Basics: You can target men, women or both, language, and an age range.

Geographic Area: You can target city, zip code, state, and a radius to an area. You can also target an area, but exclude specific cities within that area.

You can target people based on More Demographics including:
Work (field of study, education level, etc.)
Ethnic Affinity
Financial (Net worth)
Home Type
Generation (baby boomer, Gen X, Millenials)
Life events (upcoming anniversary, away from family, new job, upcoming birthday, etc.)
… and many more

You can target people with Interests including:
Business and Industry, Banking
Fitness & Wellness
Hobbies and activities
Family & Relationships (newly engaged, parents of what aged kids)
Political and social issues
… and many more

You can target people with Behaviors including:
Length at residence, recent homebuyer, etc.
Charitable donations (what causes)
Mobile device user (which type)
Purchase behavior (kids products, online shopping, green products, etc.)
Frequent traveler (for business, family, leisure, etc.)
… and many more

You can target people who have Connections: If you wish, you can choose to target (or exclude) people who are already fans of your page. You can also target friends of your fans.

Do I need to have a Facebook page to advertise on Facebook?+

Yes, you do. Luckily, setting up a Facebook page takes about 15 minutes and is free.

Does Facebook advertising work?+

Absolutely! There’s a reason why 3 million businesses use it. It’s one of the largest and most effective platforms for advertising on the planet.

It’s also incredibly versatile.

It can serve as a medium for an attention driver ad campaignwhich creates brand awareness by showing off engaging, valuable content to people who have never heard of you. (Think of those fun videos where disembodied hands teach you how to make lasagna or crafts.)

It’s also great for lead generation ads. People are on Facebook because they want to engage and consume content and they’re often willing to give their contact info in exchange for  substantive content items or offers, like a free consultation.

Finally, it can work for … pretty much every other aspect of your marketing. By retargeting customers and website visitors, you can drive people who have already engaged with your brand to buy more or re-engage with your company.

Do Facebook ads work for B2B?+

Yes, though different industries have different reasons to take advantage of the platform. The entrepreneurial market, for example, has some of the most active and accessible Facebook users.

Corporate B2B audiences can be tougher to target for early funnel stages like lead generation because Facebook’s professional data is not as complete as LinkedIn’s. Where Facebook can excel with corporate audiences is when you already have a large email list or customer list to use as the source for a new lookalike audience or retargeting campaign.

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