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Should A Small Business Opt For A Facebook Page Instead Of a Website?

Facebook for small business

Many small business owners have recently questioned whether their business website is the best way to go when they can have a Facebook Page for free.  Just recently, Facebook announced they now have 40 million active small business pages on their service.  Weighing the fact that creating a Facebook Page is free and can potentially give a business a user base that would match the size of China’s population vs your website, is this a smart move?

With this information, it’s only common sense that business owners would be willing to give up on building a website and instead, opt for a Facebook Page.  A Facebook Page is free and they are claiming businesses will have a huge user base!  So, is simply having a Facebook Page enough for a small business to attract large numbers of users?

A Facebook Page will draw people to you as long as they want to engage with you, but it does have its flaws as well.  If you have provided enough information to potential customers and they would like to learn more about your business, wouldn’t it seem logical that a Facebook Page would be everything you would possibly need?

The problem is, if someone is not engaging in your posts,  is just tired of seeing them, and, worse yet, just stops coming to your site, Facebook will start taking your posts from a previously engaged customer’s feed.  In other words, you will have to pay to promote your posts to other people or you will have to start advertising to engage people and that you will have to pay for!

Another scenario to consider, your competition can also advertise on Facebook.  Therefore, your current customers can look at their ads while looking at your Facebook Page.  On top of that, your competitors can target specific people who are visiting your Facebook Page based on their browsing habits and their profiles.  In reality, you would not want your competitors’ ads landing on your website so why would you funnel all your traffic to a Facebook Page that allows this?

Facebook page

With a Facebook Page, you can attach photos, logos, and your background.  Your posts will speak for you while your photos will show who you are and the services or products you offer.  The problem is, you do not have control over your brand!  In other words, a Facebook Page will not give you the overall brand experience that a website can provide.

Keep in mind, potential customers want to learn everything they can about you and your business which you can do with a website.  You have complete control over your brand and your website should be the main attraction for potential customers to get all the information they need to know about you.  With a Facebook Page, this information is not always available just when someone visits your page.  There will be some information about your contact information and a few photos, but not specific information regarding your services or products.

Another plus for a website, you will have the support of Google searches but a Facebook Page, will not have the same level of SEO control as your website even if it can be found through a search.  Also, when you create a website, you have total control of what should be on it and tailor it to your needs.  You can apply the keywords that work best for you and your SEO but that’s just not the case with a Facebook For Small Business.  A Facebook Page has many limitations that will reduce your ability to get across to many new customers.  Your business must be able to show up in search engines, preferably on the first page of a Google search.  It’s critical that you get the exposure that is required for bringing in potential customers.

In a nutshell, you should have a Facebook Page for your small businesses because it’s free and offers exposure for your brand.  But in short, it’s not enough to create the kind of presence that a small business needs in order to grow.  A website should never be considered as just a “nice option”, a website is critical for your growth so get to work a build that website!  A website is a blood pulsing through your business!