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Fully-Customized Website


Yes Web / Viva


2 Months


Audaxia Global is a major consultant as well as human resources provider, specializing in the oil and gas and power generation. The company in multiple regions such as Hong Kong, Bangkok, Yangon and Singapore.

The Challenge

One of the key initial challenges were that there was no clear scope or clear structure of what information should be put on the website, partly due to the business having been setup only recently at the time. This has made it challenging to identify on planning out the sitemap and layouts.

Our Solution

To solve this issue, we designed a couple of preliminary styles and layouts that serve different functions for the client to see and choose. We were then able to expand on areas that the client approves and thinks would add value to their business.

For mood and tone, we expand the use blue and turquoise color, matching their logo. This helps create credibility for their brand, despite being a new startup.

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