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J-Design is one of Thailand’s most prominent interior designers with more than 30 years of experience, specializing in workplace design and refurbishment solutions. They have served top-tier firms such as  Toyota, Visa and DJI.

The Challenge

The client has asked us to redesign the website such that they can increase number of leads through website enquiries. Because of this, the website layout as well as user-flow must entice call-to-action by visitors.

Our Solution

We achieve our goals by initially increasing credibility of the J-Design brand. Apart from designing with the distinct yellow colored branding, we emphasize on J-Design’s clients as well as their portfolio at the homepage. Furthermore, the website is a very portfolio focused website, allowing clients to observe J-Design’s individual work in clear detail with clear categorization of types of projects.

Moreover, call-to-action elements have been strategically placed across the homepage in clear yellow colors to induce enquires. These can be found at the websites header and footer areas.

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