Wineman Asia Co.,Ltd.


Fully-Customized Website, Ecommerce shop


Yes Web / Viva


2 Months


Wineman Asia is one of Thailand’s leading online distributor of wine in Thailand, offering more than 2000 varieties, all well categorized for consumers.

The Challenge

There are thousands of producers for wine globally, and as such, wholesalers like Wineman has to manage more than 2000 SKUs categorized by country of origin, wine type, grape variety. The client therefore wants a CRM that can handle all their inventories which can be managed easily and effectively.

On top of this, wine is a highly complex product with a spectrum of flavor profiles that consumers need to identify before purchase. Because of this, the client also wants a clear way to let their clients identify their products before purchase.

Our Solution

To manage the wide range of products and categories, we use features available on WooCommerce to build up this e-commerce website. The simplicity and customization of this platform allows clients to easily manage their products and sales.

To identify a wines flavor profile and help buyers decision, we created a standardized table for types of tastes such as boldness, sweetness tannin and acidity.

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