VOD Press Release


THAILAND—As a leading web design and development provider, VOD believes in the future of small businesses, and sees it secured through high-converting web design, marketing, and digital collateral that provides new leads without costing top dollar.

While new to the Thailand market, VOD team has over 15 years of experience as web design and marketing professionals who help small business owners make big brand impact without requiring big budgets. In an industry first, VOD is pioneering the launch of a cost-effective, user-friendly, monthly subscription service in Bangkok, Thailand, offering free domains, free hosting, eCommerce platforms, and 24/7 updates that are mobile-enabled and cross-platform compatible.

VOD partners with small business owners to eliminate the cost, stress, and uncertainty that is inherent with establishing and maintaining a company’s positive web presence. This flexible subscription service gives Bangkok small businesses the ability to choose plans that best fit their current challenges and growth goals.

This risk-free investment offers a singularly low subscription starting price, and designs are constantly updated to meet evolving client feedback and platform specs. There are no hidden fees, and subscriptions are flexible according to a business’ month-to-month needs, adapting to customer demand and market fluctuations.

VOD team of experts also delivers comprehensive marketing, branding, and SEO services, including email outreach, social media campaigns, print materials, local directory listing, and much more.

Denis Per, founder and CEO of VOD, had this to say about their service launch: “At VOD, we see small businesses struggling to build a customer base and compete in tough markets. Before, they had to deal with pricy agencies or cheap web designs that really didn’t get the job done. Now, our team is poised to meet a long-standing need for Bangkok businesses, and we’re excited to help businesses enjoy extra impact without extra expense.”

VOD Thailand small business web design, web development, and marketing plans start at just 30 THB/day. Contact VOD to schedule a consultation or receive a personal web solution quote for your business.


VOD is comprised of web design and web development experts with more than 15 years of experience. The studio provides Thailand-based companies with user-friendly website design, web development, branding, marketing, and related content and services—all at affordable prices that will increase conversions but won’t break the bottom line.

For more information or to schedule an interview, visit VOD website or contact the team at

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