Content Audit

Do you feel like your content is not performing as you hoped it would? Let us help audit your content.

Content Audit Thailand

Our content auditing service is performed by experienced writers and content marketers, helping you assess how well your content is performing.

Know What Works and What’s Not

Get your content audited and know what to keep and what to redo for better performance content.

Re-Calibrate your Content Strategy

Boost your website performance and content marketing strategy with new strategy, new goal, and new content.

Better SEO and Better Website Organization

Content auditing lets you know if your website has great content organization and good enough content for SEO.

Why You Need Content Auditing Service

Content auditing helps you assess and get to know how your content strategy is working for your business. You will learn what your team is doing right and what could be improved. It gives you the opportunity to create better quality content and plan new and better content strategies.

Content auditing is the chance for you to revise your content to fit the new business goals and trends of the market as well. It gives you the direction on how to effectively continue the content marketing strategy and how to maintain and improve website content for SEO and more.

Our content auditing service looks at every page, every paragraph, and every single sentence for a detailed and thorough report on content performance. We do not only tell you what is wrong, we also help you find the way to fix them as well.

What We Do

Quality Assessing

We help assess your content quality by looking at how well your content is written. We check if your content matches your business goals, fit the needs of your audience, relevant to your niche, and is up-to-date, and engaging enough.

SEO Assessing

We check your content SEO quality by assessing if your content is writing following SEO writing practices and if the page is optimized for SEO.

Content Revising

We help you find room for improvement including how to revise your current content, pinpoint what could be added for better content organization, and what to remove from your content.

Content Recommendations

We help you get started on a new content strategy by providing possible content that you could add to the website in the future for better SEO, better audience targeting and engagement as well as better content organization. Leading your website to success.

Don’t get attached to underperforming content. Let’s find out what the problem is and find a way to grow better.

Our Process

Our content auditing process help us deliver the best analysis and solutions to you.

  • Audience and Goal Analysis

    We perform research on your business goals, market trends, as well as your target audience before we look at your content in order to know what to look for and how to assess your content.

  • Auditing

    We audit the content on your website thoroughly with care, we pay attention to every detail of every page. We assess content quality whether it can lead your business to the set goal or not as well as assess the SEO quality of the content.

  • Finding Solution

    Once we assess all the content, we will come up with a way for you to improve your content strategy and quality. We will also help get started with the new content strategy with possible topics for future content.

Our Works

See our works on content auditing projects.

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