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Reach and impress millions of targeted audiences everyday with Facebook Ads.

Facebook Ads Thailand

Let us help you reach more targeted audiences and boost your sales rate with professionally done Facebook advertising.

Connect with customers on FB

Use Facebook Ads to connect with current customers and reach new audiences and potential customers.

See real-time ads performance

Track your ads performance real-time with a detailed report with Ads Manager that allows you to make any adjustments needed any time.

Guaranteed more traffic and conversion.

Our thoughtful Facebook Ads service guarantees satisfying results including increasing traffic to your website and more sales.

Why Facebook Ads

Facebook Ads help you push your brand potential in many ways. Wait no longer to beat your competitors in the marketing race. Invest in Facebook ads service to get all these advantages :

Get in touch with your clients as well as potential clients and see immediate results in sales rate and website traffic rate. Facebook, the largest social media network with billions of active users, helps expand your visibility and brand awareness on the world largest and most used social media platform. 

Be seen by those who do care and are interested in your brand and product. Facebook allows you to advertise your products directly to the target audience using age, gender, location, interests, and past actions such as buying habits. Your ads will be shown to those who fit your target audience characteristics, increasing the chance of converting the viewers into customers.

Facebook ads not only bring more sales, it also helps you increase the referral traffic to your website as well. Facebook ads linked to your website allows more people to travel to your website easily. With more traffic, your website has the path ready to be at the top of the search result.

What We Do

We are expert social media marketers with tons of experience with Facebook advertising. We help you analyze, plan, and execute Facebook advertising strategies that will work best for your brand.

Advanced Ads Targeting

With the help of Facebook, we are able to help you target your ads to the specific group of audience to reach those who really matter and guarantee more conversions.

Retargeting Ads Campaign

We help retargeting your ads campaign to your potential buyers who have seen the ads to make them come back for more or to finish the buying process.


We help manage your bid strategy to help you save cost while keeping your ads running and performing even better than ever.


We help analyze your competitors to find the best solution for your Facebook Ads strategy by finding the room for improvement from the competitors and exceed them.

Facebook Ads

We create well-designed advertisement designs for you with amazing copy that represents your brand, appealing to the readers, and convey brand messages perfectly.

Ads monitoring and management

We track and manage your Facebook Ads to perform even more effectively by testing their performance before posting, making needed adjustments, as well as reporting ads performance.

Don’t be shy, take your brand to where the people are. Start Facebook Ads for your business now.

Our Process

We are able to guarantee the satisfying result from our Facebook Ads service thanks to our thorough process.

  • Brand and Competitors Analysing

    We gather and analyse needed information from your brand and competitors in order to create well designed and curated advertisements for you.

  • Ads Creation and Planning

    We create advertisements, design and copy with the aim to present your brand and product in the best light possible and outshine the competitors.

  • Ads Targeting

    We target our well created ads specifically to the targeted audience to make the most of the posted ads.

  • Ads Monitoring and Managing

    After campaigning the ads, we monitor the progress and performance of the ads. Editing and adjustments will be made as necessary for better results.

Our Works

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