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Ensure that your ads are seen by the right people. The target audience is the one coming to you.


With billions of users around the world, see the results with real numbers of ads clicks or website views instantly.

Why Google Ads

Google Ads is considered the most cost effective advertising for many reasons. Let’s explore a few main reasons why businesses choose Google Ads service.

Google is the most used search engine in the world, millions of people are using them every second. People use Google to search for what they need or are interested in. The search result of thousands or millions of websites matching their search keyword will be listed. To rank higher and get seen first, there are many criterias such as traffic and SEO quality. 

It is not easy at all to rank at the top of Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs), which is why you might want to invest in Google Ads. It makes your website appear before the unpaid search or at the bottom of search results. Google Ads will give you the opportunity to be seen first, even before the number one website of that specific keyword. 

Search engine users usually browse only the first few pages of the search results, and are most likely to pick the one at the top. Which is why it is important to rank high or use a shortcut like Google Ads to be at the top. 

Google Ads allows you to take control of the budget. They use the pay-per-clicks methods starting as low as 30 BAHT per click only. It is guaranteed that our ads will reach your target audience since your ads will only appear for the ones that search for your relevant keywords. Plus, Google Ads makes you see the result of your ads instantly due to the massive amount of users.

What We Do

We are an experienced Google Ads agency based in Bangkok, Thailand. We accommodate you with our Google Ads service to let you have the best Google Ads planned and implemented.

Google Ads

We help target your Google Ads to the right group of audience using search terms that are relevant and what they might search for.

Google Ads Remarketing

We remarket your ads to those who have seen and visited your website but left before buying or taking any desired action to convince them to come back.

Ads Cost

We help you manage and control your Google Ads budget with the aim to make the most out of the budget you have.


We analyze your brand to create a plan for your Ads projects. We come up with keywords you should use, who to target your ads to, and more.


We analyze your competitors, learn from what they did well and learn from their mistakes to create the best Google Ads plan for your business.

Ads monitoring and management

We help track the performance of your Ads and take care of any  issues or adjustments to improve or maintain the satisfying result for you.

Meet the potential customers where and when they need you the most with Google Ads.

Our Process

Our Google Ads service process gets the job done fast and well.

  • Brand Analysing

    We gather information about your brand including what you sell, your budget, target audience and your competitors to come up with the plan for Google Ads.

  • Ads Creation

    We find the best way to present your brand through Google Ads. We create needed copies and thoughtfully select the best headlines that are appealing to the audience.

  • Ads Targeting

    We target your ads to the right target audience who have a potential of becoming your customers by finding the right keywords or search terms for you.

  • Cost Management

    We manage your Google Ads budget to make sure you only pay for what is needed and what really brings the potential customers to you.

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