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Logo design is a crucial part of your brand identity and brand perception. It is what people remember your brand for apart from your products and services. It is the face of your brand. Outshine your competitors with designer-made logo designs that create good impressions and convey brand identity.

Get your logo design by professional logo designers with years of experience with us for the best logo that will represent your amazing brand as it should be perceived.

At Viva One Digital, we create new logos based on your brand identity and personality as well as upgrade your old logo for a better version while holding your history and value close to our heart.

Our Logo Design Services

Logo Design

Design a logo for your beloved business with us. We will take your business to the top of your field with the well-designed logo that creates a great brand impression.

Our logo design service aims to give you the perfect logo that matches and promotes your brand identity.
The design that will increase your perceived values and make your business standout in the market. 

We do our design based on data. We create your logo from information about your brand identity, core value, products, as well as your market and business goals. The logo we design is guaranteed to make real satisfying impacts for your business.

Logo Evolution

Upgrade your logo to a newer and better version. We help you evolve your logo to fit the modern world.
Give your legendary business a push to stand tall and continue the legacy.

Our logo evolution service helps redesign and update your old logo to be more modern, polished, and stylish. This service is for the business that aims to rebrand for better marketing purpose and better brand’s perceived value.

Refine, not replace. We redesign your logo based on your brand history, and brand identity, core value, and your objectives. We design the new logo while keeping the essence, the spirit, and the soul of your brand upfront.

Logo design is a first impression maker as well as a representative for your brand. It is everywhere from products, business cards, documents to social media. It plays a big and important role in your brand image and perceived value.

How We Work

Let us walk you through our logo design process.

  • Understanding

    We talk to you, learn everything we could about your brand including what you do, what you value, your goals and objectives for the business, as well as what you want for the logo design.

  • Analyzing

    We analyze the market, your competitors, and the trends of business to come up with the design that will win over the competition.

  • Designing

    We produce a set of preliminary logo designs based on your brand identity, and data from analyzing the market and competitors. All this for you to choose from.

  • Presenting

    We propose a few options for you, we sure you will love them all. You will then pick the design that you like the best. If you do not like any of our designs, we will work on the design until you are satisfied.

  • Perfecting

    We continue the designing process to add and adjust the design to create a final product of your logo. We hand your newly created logo to you with a guideline to use the logo effectively.

Our Works

Take a look at the logos we have designed for our clients.

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