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Why You Should Bring Your Brick & Mortar Business Online

A brick & Mortar business has an actual, physical address where customers can stop by, or not, to purchase products or services.  If not a walk-in business, it could be service conducted over the phone or by email.  The bottom line, you are not selling online unless you step up to the plate and build a website.


Allow Your Business To Be Recognized By Thousands Of People:

There is nothing more critical than allowing your business to be seen and introduced to thousands of people on the internet.  Without a website and/or a blog, this is never going to happen, causing you to miss out on higher revenues and profits.  In this day and age, all businesses, whether large or small, are taking advantage of being on the internet in order to have a successful presence. You also should build your business website.

Your Business Can Run 24/7, 365 Days Out Of The Year:

This is a very important point that some businesses are just not realizing.  It’s a known fact that certain businesses such as restaurants, grocery stores, and gas stations have been doing this for years.  One really important aspect that you must consider. If you have an e-commerce website, potential customers and current clients can read your articles and posts regarding your services and products and order your goods right then and there, even if it’s the middle of the night.  Think Amazon, they sell products every day of the week, including holidays so why are you not taking advantage of this golden opportunity?

Improve Your Customer Service Base:

There are so many ways you can answer visitors’ questions, set up webinars, and solve your customers’ problems.  If you were to try doing this at a physical location, you’d be eating up all your valuable time and probably just spin your wheels.  Online, all this and more is possible.

Your website can have videos, specifications for a product or service, and a FAQ page to direct clients,  constantly.  Frequently Asked Questions will help both current customers and potential customers to find answers to their questions quickly and easily.  Information about your services and products will help them make decisions before purchasing your products and solve any problems they are having with an existing purchase.

Imagine reducing phone calls involving more sales or answering technical questions! Your online presence will allow people to get the answers to their questions when they need or want them and not have to wait for your brick & mortar to open the next day.

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Start-Up Costs Are Very Low:

Starting an online site is actually very inexpensive.  You do not have to buy vehicles, hire a staff, or at least only a few, and move physical products to a new location.  You will continue to sell the same products that you’ve been selling offline and simply ship to the buyer’s address.  Building a website gives you a great opportunity to increase sales and bring new customers into your business.

That said, you do not have to spend thousands of dollars on a good website. Many business owners are actually spending very little money and their sites rock!  You should look around for a good website designed for very little money or get someone within your business to check them out for you.

Businesses Go Hand-In-Hand With The Internet:

Remember, your potential customers are only a click away from your online store.  You can provide instructions, educate people, and solve their problems very quickly.  You can accept orders and payments that will be received directly to your inbox.

You Can Work From Anywhere!

The beauty of an online business, you can live where ever you want, not where you must!  Whether you are trying to get away from bitter cold or unbearable heat, you have the freedom to do so.

You might live on a certain continent, hosting your business on a different continent, and your shop and warehouse are on a third continent, you can do this as long as you have a solid internet connection.  Your warehouse and shop can be easily run by your employees, your hosting service will be taken care of by them while you are living somewhere in the Caribbean or Hawaii.

You will enjoy a low cost of living while still conducting business.  Think about it, you can live where you want and let your business adapt to your chosen lifestyle.  There are exceptions such as being a surgeon, a landscaper, or a home repair service, you will need to be available at a given location.

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Lower Operation Costs:

You will experience a significant reduction in expenses.  You will get orders directly online which will reduce your current staff and received your customers’ purchases and payments directly to your email or database.  You will save on office space and office expenses.

There are many online service providers to handle various aspects of your business including purchasing, billing, order fulfillment, and shipping.  You can also provide excellent customer service via your Q&A page, using a customer form, or hire virtual customer service representatives who will answer calls 24/7.

Create A Global Market:

Obviously, a brick & mortar business is limited to the number of people who will stop by.  A great website will allow thousands and thousands of people to visit you online at any given time.  If you bring your products and services online, you will have an unlimited number of people stopping by from anywhere around the world!

Marketing has always been the core of a successful business whether online or offline.  You can easily learn how to improve traffic to your blog.  Content marketing is an excellent way to increase sales and sales on your site.  Social media is very powerful and are either very inexpensive or free.  Social media will drive targeted audiences to your site!

Response Time Equals Happier Customers:

The internet will let you quickly deliver proposals, purchase orders, and confirmations in the blink of an eye to your customers.  Your online store will process your orders and confirm them directly to the customer.  Before the internet, purchase orders were called in or customers would have to visit the store or a drop off store.  Back then, it could take hours or even days for your staff to process these orders. Now your staff can automatically track inventory, the number of sales, and outstanding orders quickly.  A really fast response time will make your customers so much happier which demands very little administrative work.